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(p. 89) asādhāraṇa uncommon, unusual, extraordinary; rare; distinguishing, distinctive; (log.) not general, particular, specific. ̃ত্ব n. uncommonness, unusualness, extraordinariness; rareness; peculiarity, distinctiveness; a rarity; (log.) particularity. 8)
(p. 90) asūcita unindicated; not expressed or signified or said; unmarked, unspecified. 19)
(p. 99) ākṛti appearance; shape, form. ̃গত a. pertaining to appearance or shape or form; formal; outward. ̃প্রকৃতি n. appearance and nature; demeanour, bearing. ̃বিশিষ্ট a. having a definite or specific form or shape; shaped. 30)
(p. 99) ākhyēẏa having a specific appellation, named, entitled, designated, denominated; to be narrated. 56)
(p. 115) āpēkṣika comparative; (esp. in science) relative. ̃তা n. comparativeness; relativity. আপেক্ষিক আর্দ্রতা n. relative humidity. আপেক্ষিক গুরুত্ব n. specific gravity. আপেক্ষিক ঘনত্ব n. relative density. ̃তত্ত্ব n. the theory of relativity. আপেক্ষিক বেগ n. relative velocity. 58)
(p. 194) kanṭrōla control; a shop or place where controlled or specified goods are sold at a scheduled price (কনট্রোলে যাওয়া). 123)
(p. 296) gandhī (chiefly used as a sfx.) having a specific scent, scented. n. a dealer in spices (by caste); a kind of beetle with an abominable odour or offensive smell, a flying bug. 38)
গাণ্ডিব, গাণ্ডীব
(p. 306) gāṇḍiba, gāṇḍība (myth.) Arjuna's bow, the Gandib. গাণ্ডীবী n. an archer with this bow; (specifically) Arjuna. 27)
(p. 314) guru a spiritual teacher or guide, a preceptor, a master, a guru; a priest; a teacher; an adviser; a venerable person; Brihaspati (বৃহস্পতি) the priest of gods; (astrol.) the Jupiter. a. heavy, weighty (গুরুভার); very responsible or difficult or important or serious (গুরুরাজকার্য, গুরুদায়িত্ব, গুরুকর্তব্য); excessive (গুরুভোজন); venerable (গুরুজন); great, glorious ('গুরু-কাছে লব গুরু দুখ'); (gr.—of vowels or vowel-sounds) long. ̃কল্প a. like a spiritual guide, like a preceptor or teacher; (of a person) conceived as a spiritual guide. ̃কৃপা n. kindness or benevolence or gracious behaviour such as one receives from one's teacher, spiritual guide or guru. ̃কুল n. the abode or the family of one's guru or teacher. ̃গম্ভীর a. serious and grave. ̃গিরি n. the profession of a guru or teacher or priest, priesthood or teachership. ̃গৃহ n. the abode of one's teacher or guru. ̃চণ্ডালী n. an instance of using undersirably Sanskrit and non-Sanskrit words or elegant and inelegant words side by side. ̃জন n. a venerable person; an elder. ̃ঠাকুর n. a spiritual teacher or guide, a preceptor, a guru. ̃তর a. heavier, weightier; more responsible or difficult or important or serious; very serious (গুরুতর অপরাধ). ̃তা ̃ত্ব n. weight, heaviness; gravity (আপেক্ষিক গুরুত্ব = specific gravity); importance; seriousness. গুরুত্বহীন a. divested of or wanting in weight or seriousness, unimportant; negligible. ̃দক্ষিণা n. a fee paid or payable to a guru or a teacher when teaching is completed or on completion of education. ̃দণ্ড n. heavy punishment. লঘুপাপে গুরুদণ্ড heavy punishment for a light offence. ̃দশা n. the period of mourning on the death of one's father or mother; (astrol.) the period of domination by the planet Jupiter. ̃দেব same as ̃ঠাকুর । ̃দ্বার n. a temple of the Sikhs, Gurudwara. ̃নিন্দা n. upbraiding of one's guru or teacher. ̃পত্নী n. the wife of one's guru or teacher. ̃পত্নী গমন n. sexual intercourse with the wife of one's guru or teacher. ̃পত্নী-হরণ n. act of abducting the wife of one's guru or teacher for immoral purpose. ̃পাক a. hard to digest. ̃পাপ a deadly sin, felony. ̃পূর্ণিমা n. the full-moon of the month of Ashara, the third month of the Bengali calendar. ̃বরণ n. the ceremony of appointing one as one's guru or of receiving a guru usually accompanied with offer of presents. ̃বল n. occult power conferred upon by one's benignant guru; grace of the guru. ̃বাক্য n. words or advices of a guru. ̃বার n. Thursday. ̃বৃত্ত n. a great circle. ̃ভক্ত a. devoted to one's guru or teacher. ̃ভক্তি n. devotion to one's guru or teacher. ̃ভাই n. a codisciple, a brother disciple. ̃ভার a. very heavy; unbearably heavy. n. heavy burden. ̃মণ্ডল n. (geog.) barysphere. ̃মহাশয়,, (coll.) ̃মশাই n. a teacher; a primary teacher. ̃মস্তিষ্ক n. (anat.) cerebrum. ̃মা n. the wife of a teacher or guru; a preceptress; a woman teacher, a lady teacher. ̃মারা-বিদ্যা n. art or learning in which the student excels the teacher in course of time; (ridi.) art or learning which the student uses against the teacher to discomfit him. ̃মুখি n. the script or (loos.) the language used by the Sikhs. ̃লঘুজ্ঞান n. due sense of respect for superiors; sense of proportion; capacity for making distinction between the high and the low. ̃শিষ্যসংবাদ n. a report of the conversation or discussion between a guru and his disciple or between a teacher and his student. ̃সেবা n. attendance on a guru or a teacher. ̃স্ফীতি n. (astro.) springtide. ̃স্হানীয় a. as venerable as a guru or a teacher. ̃হত্যা n. murder of one's guru or teacher by oneself; parricide. ̃হন্তা n. one who murders one's guru or teacher, a parricide. fem. ̃হন্ত্রী । যেমন গুরু তেমনি চেলা like master like man. 26)
(p. 429) ṭhika fixed, settled (এখনো কিছু ঠিক হয়নি); appointed, specified (ঠিক দিনে); right (ঠিক কথা); correct (অঙ্কের ফলটা ঠিক); exact, precise (ঠিক); just (ঠিক দুদিন); proper, right (ঠিক কাজ, ঠিক লোক); in working order (ঘড়িটা ঠিক নেই); suitable, fit, fitting (এ জামা তোমার গায়ে ঠিক); corrected or cured (মেরে বা ওষুধ দিয়ে ঠিক করা); arranged (চুলটা ঠিক নেই); regarded, decided, judged, diagnosed (পাগল বলে ঠিক হওয়া). n. fixity (তারিখের ঠিক নেই); firmness (কথার ঠিক); regularity or certainty (বৃষ্টির ঠিক নেই); natural healthy state (মাথার ঠিক নেই); total, sum, addition (ঠিক দেওয়া); estimate, estimation (ঠিকে ভুল); discernment or determination (পথ বা উপায় ঠিক পাওয়া). adv. certainly, surely (ঠিক যাব); for certain (ঠিক জানি); exactly, just (ঠিক তেমনি). int. exactly, right, that's it. ঠিক করা v. to fix, to settle; to appoint, to specify; to correct or cure; to repair or regulate or adjust (ঘড়ি ঠিক করা); to set to rights; to determine or resolve (মনে মনে ঠিক করা); to regard or decide or adjudge (পাগল বলে ঠিক করা); to discern or find (পথ ঠিক করা). ঠিক দেওয়া v. to add, to tot up. ঠিক পাওয়া v. to be able to discern or find (পথ ঠিক পাওয়া). ঠিকে ভুল an error in adding; (fig.) a wrong decision; an error of judgement. ঠিক যেন (just) as if, as though, as it were. 2)
(p. 654) puru thick; fat; having a specific number of folds (সাতপুরু কাপড়). 53)
(p. 654) -pēji having a specific number of pages (আটপেজি ফর্মা). 130)
বর্গিয়, বর্গ্য
(p. 721) bargiẏa, bargya of a class, tribal, generic, specific; (math.) relating to a square; (gr.) of or classified into the groups of the Bengali stops. বর্গীয় বর্ণ (gr.) any one of the twenty five consonantal stops of the Bengali alphabet. 83)
(p. 767) bili distribution (টাকা বিলি); allotment, assignment (কাজ বিলি); act of handing over under specific terms and conditions, settlement (জমি বিলি); delivery (চিঠি বিলি). বিলি করা v. to distribute; to allot; to settle (land); to deliver. 87)
(p. 767) biśiṣṭa especial (বিশিষ্ট আসন); conspicuous, remarkable (বিশিষ্ট ভদ্রলোক); important or distinguished (বিশিষ্ট ব্যক্তি); prominent (বিশিষ্ট কবি); specific, peculiar, characteristic (বিশিষ্ট লক্ষণ); possessing (লেজবিশিষ্ট); containing (মগজবিশিষ্ট). fem. বিশিষ্টা । ̃তা n. speciality; conspicuousness or remarkability; importance; distinction; prominence; peculiarity, a characteristic; possession. 108)
(p. 767) biśēṣa excess or excellence; difference, distinction, discrimination; a sort, a kind, a type (জীববিশেষ); variety or novelty; (phil.) individuality or an individual. a. superior; different; extraordinary, especial (বিশেষ বাধা, বিশেষ ঘটনা); remarkable (বিশেষ উত্সাহ); specific (বিশেষ দর); peculiar or characteristic (বিশেষ লক্ষণ); particular (বিশেষ কাজ); (log.) predicating of part of the class denoted by the subject, particular; (phil.) individual. বিশেষ করা v. to differentiate; to distinguish; to particularize; to specify.
(p. 773) biśēṣita attributed; specified, distinguished; (gr.) qualified (as by an adjective). 5)
(p. 789) bēlā4 a time of day (and not of night) (বেলা বারোটা); daytime (বেলাশেষ); advance of the morning (বেলা বাড়া); delay (esp. made in the morning) (বালা করা); length, duration (জীবনের বেলা); time, specified time (খাওয়ার বেলা); turn (তোমার বেলা); an opportunity, an advantageous point of time (এইবেলা). 4)
(p. 887) yakhana when; whilst; whereas; because, as, since. ̃ই adv. & con. whenever, as soon (as), no sooner (than). ˜কার a. of a particular or specified time. যখনকার যা তখনকার তা (fig.) every work has its own time, everything must be done in its own proper time. ̃তখন adv. in time or out of time; in season or out of season; (much too) frequently (and often vexatiously); at any hour or time. যখন যেমন তখন তেমন suitable for the occasion; seasonable, (cp.) do in Rome as the Romans do. 9)
রোধ, রোধন
(p. 916) rōdha, rōdhana obstruction, blockade; hindrance; resistance. রোধ করা v. to obstruct, to block, to blockade; to hinder; to resist. রোধক a. obstructive, blocking, hindering; resistant. রোধ-কুন্ডলী n. (phys.) a resistance coil. রোধ-থার্মোমিটার n. (phys.) a resistance thermometer. রোধা pop. form of রুধা । রোধাঙ্ক n. (phys.) specific resistance. রোধিত a. obstructed; blocked; blockaded; hindered; resisted. রোধী same as রোধক । fem. রোধিনী . 78)
সেরা২, সেরি
(p. 1025) sērā2, sēri (used as suffixes) weighing and holding or consuming a specific number of seers (সের). 36)
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