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(p. 427) ṭh the twelfth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. 2)
(p. 427) ṭha expressing: a light noise caused by the concussion of a metallic object against a hard thing. ঠং ঠং int. expressing: this noise made repeatedly or continuously. 3)
(p. 427) ṭhakaṭhaki a kind of loom, a fly-shuttle loom. 6)
(p. 427) ṭhakā to be cheated or swindled; to lose (to) (আমি তোমার কাছে দু-টাকা ঠকে গেলাম); to be defeated or outwitted; to be beguiled. ঠকানো v. to cheat or swindle; to cause to lose; to defeat or outwit; to beguile. ঠকানে a. puzzling, confusing, perplexing; misleading (ঠকানে প্রশ্ন). 7)
(p. 427) ṭhaka1 deceitful; swindling; knavish. n. a deceiver, a cheat; a swindler; a knave; a trickster. ̃বাজ same as ঠক (a. & n.). ˜বাজি n. cheating, swindling; knavery. 4)
(p. 427) ṭhaka2 expressing a rapping noise as of a stick on the floor. ঠকঠক, ঠকাঠক int. expressing this noise made repeatedly and quickly. ঠকঠকানো v. to make this noise repeatedly and quickly; to shiver violently (in cold, fear, anger etc.). ঠকঠকানি n. a spell of rapping noise made repeatedly and quickly; a spell of violent shiver. 5)
(p. 427) ṭhaga given to deception or cheating or swindling; knavish. n. a trickster; a cheat; a swindler; a knave; a member of a murdering band or robbers once prevalent in India, a thug. ঠগি n. a murderous band of robbers once prevalent in India, the thug or thuggee. 8)
(p. 427) ṭhana expressing a light, clattering noise as of the concussion of a thin metallic object. ঠন ঠন int. expressing this noise made repeatedly; nothingness or vacuity or emptiness (পকেট ঠনঠন). ঠনঠনে a. empty. 9)
ঠমক, ঠসক
(p. 427) ṭhamaka, ṭhasaka style; glamour; affectedly artistic bearing; coquetry; conceit. 10)
(p. 427) ṭhām̐i1 expressing the noise as of slapping strongly. ঠাঁই ঠাঁই int. expressing this noise made repeatedly and quickly. 11)
(p. 427) ṭhām̐i2 a place; a seat on which one sits to take one's meal (অতিথির জন্য ঠাঁই করা); shelter (চোরকে বাড়িতে ঠাঁই দিয়ো না); accommodation, room, space ('ঠাঁই নাই ঠাঁই নাই, ছোট সে তরী'); bottom (নদীর ঠাঁই পাওয়া); possession or source. ঠাঁইঠাঁই a. living apart from one another (ভাই-ভাই ঠাঁই-ঠাঁই); separated, disunited, disintegrated. ̃নাড়া, ̃বদল n. change of place. 12)
(p. 427) ṭhākura a god, a deity; an idol; God; an overlord; a lord; a master; a man deserving respect or reverence (পিতাঠাকুর); an elder (সমাজের ঠাকুর হয়ে বসা); a spiritual guide, a guru; a priest; a teacher; a Brahman; a Brahman employed as a cook (রান্নার ঠাকুর); a father or a forefather; (of a woman) a father-in-law (শ্বশুরঠাকুর). fem. ঠাকুরানি । ঠাকুর কাত (hum.) the patron divine or human has forsaken; (hum.) displeased. ̃ঘর n. a room in a dwelling house set apart for worship and prayer. ঠাকুর ঘরে কেআমি তো কলা খাইনি (fig.) an offender often betrays himself unconsciously. ̃জামাই n. the husband of a sister of one's husband, a brother-in-law. ̃ঝি n. a sister of one's husband, a sister-in-law. ̃দাদা n. a (paternal) grandfather or granduncle. ̃দালান n. a hall or building attached to or within the precincts of a dwelling house set apart for worship and prayer. ̃পূজা n. the daily worship of the guardian deity of a family. ̃পো n. a younger brother of one's husband, a brother-in-law. ̃মা n. a (paternal) grandmother or grandaunt. ̃সেবা same as ̃পূজা । ঠাকুরালি, (chiefly poet.) ঠাকুরাল n. authority, rule; supremacy, predominance; godhead, godhood; godlike deceit or fun or assumption ('ছাড় তোমার ঠাকুরালি'). 13)
(p. 427) ṭhāṭa-ṭhamaka outward show of glamour; deceptive show; false gestures; pretences; affectation; parade. 16)
(p. 427) ṭhāṭa-bāṭa outward show; grandeur; decoration. 17)
(p. 427) ṭhāṭṭā joke; banter, persiflage, waggery. ̃ইয়ার্কি n. light raillery, fun, a goodhumoured teasing. ঠাট্টা করা v. to joke; to cut a joke; to poke fun at; to banter. ̃বাজ n. a merry person full of amusing sayings and fond of practical jokes, a wag. 18)
(p. 427) ṭhāṭa1 (now obs.) a column of troops ('নাদিল ঠাট'); a party or multitude ('বরাতির ঠাট'). 14)
(p. 427) ṭhāṭa2 outward look or show, appearance (ঠাট বজায় রাখা); a framework (কাঠামোর ঠাট); glamour; tricks and artifices (কত ঠাট জানো); style or fashion (এ এক নোতুন ঠাট). 15)
ঠাঠা রোদ, ঠাঠাপড়া রোদ
(p. 427) ṭhāṭhā rōda, ṭhāṭhāpaḍ়ā rōda scorching sun. 19)
(p. 427) ṭhāḍ় erect, upright, vertical. 20)
(p. 427) ṭhāna (used in comp. & coll.) a respectable woman, a lady (মাঠান, বউঠান). □ in comp. (used as a pfx.) of the second degree of parentage, grand (ঠানদিদি). ̃দিদি,, (coll.) ̃দি n. a (paternal and maternal) grandmother or grandaunt, (arch.) a grandam, a grandma. 21)
(p. 427) ṭhānḍā cold; chilly; mild, sweet (ঠান্ডা কথা); cooled (প্রাণ ঠান্ডা). n. cold (মাঘের ঠান্ডা); chill (ঠান্ডা লাগা). ঠান্ডা করা v. to cool; to cool down; to console or comfort or pacify or appease (মন ঠান্ডা করা. রাগ ঠান্ডা করা); to refresh (দেহ ঠান্ডা করা); to subdue, to bring under control (বদমাশ ঠান্ডা করা); to put down, to quell (বিদ্রোহ ঠান্ডা করা); to put to silence, to kill, to do to death (মেরে ঠান্ডা করা). ঠান্ডা লাগা v. to catch cold. 22)
(p. 427) ṭhānḍā-laḍ়āi cold war. 23)
(p. 427) ṭhāma a place, a resort ('রহল কোন ঠাম'); possession or company (রাধার ঠাম); shape, form, figure (বঙ্কিম ঠাম, সুঠাম দেহ); beauty (কিবা সে ঠাম); style, manner, fashion, posture ('চূড়ার টালনি বামে মউর-চন্দ্রিকা ঠামে'). 24)
(p. 427) ṭhāra a beck, a gesticulation. ঠারা v. to make a sign with, to gesticulate with (চোখ ঠারা). ঠারে-ঠোরে adv. (coll.) by means of signs and gestures, by hints and insinuations. 26)
(p. 427) ṭhāsā to cram, to stuff; to load; to press, to press down; to knead (ময়দা ঠাসা); to beat soundly, to thrash; to reprimand. a. thoroughly crammed or stuffed or loaded. ̃ঠাসি n. act of pressing repeatedly to stuff a thing; overcrowding. 29)
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