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(p. 802) bh the twenty-fourth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. 2)
ভইসা, ভঁইসা, ভয়সা
(p. 802) bhisā, bham̐isā, bhaẏasā made of buffalomilk (ভয়সা ঘি); drawn by the buffalo (ভইসাগাড়ি). 3)
(p. 802) bhaka expressing; the noise of sudden emission of smoke, smell etc., or ejection of phlegm. 6)
(p. 802) bhakta devoted (to); worshipping; reverent; worshipful; devout; strongly attached or addicted (to), fond or enamoured (of) (কবিতার ভক্ত, সুরার ভক্ত); having profound admiration for, admirer of (রবীন্দ্রভক্ত); yielding to the control or authority of, submissive or docile (শক্তের ভক্ত); obedient (to) (পিতৃভক্ত); faithfully following or pursuing (জিশুর ভক্ত, নীতির ভক্ত). n. a devotee; a votary, a worshipper; a devout person; one having strong attachment or addiction; a fan; an obedient person; a faithful follower or observer. ̃প্রাণ a. having a devout heart. ̃বত্সল a. graciously affectionate to votaries or devout persons or followers. ̃বিটেল n. one simulating devoutness, a sanctimonious person. ̃শ্রেষ্ঠ, ভক্তাগ্রগণ্য a. best or foremost amongst votaries or devout persons. ভক্তাধীন a. graciously obedient to votaries or devout persons (that is, always fulfilling their desires). 4)
(p. 802) bhakti devotion; worship; devoutness, piety; profound admiration; strong attachment or addiction; obedience; trust or faith or reliance; inclination or relish or appetite (খাবারে ভক্তি); earnest pursuit, devotion (পড়াশোনায় ভক্তি). ভক্তি করা v. to be devoted to; to worship; to admire profoundly; to follow faithfully; to have trust or faith (in); to rely; to have inclination or relish or appetite (for); to be earnest (in), to pursue earnestly. ̃গ্রন্হ n. a devotional book. ̃চিহ্ন n. a mark or sign of devotion. ̃তত্ত্ব n. the doctrine or cult of or a treatise on devotion or devoutness or piety. ̃পথ n. devotion (without knowledge or practice) as the only means of attaining salvation, the path of devotionalism. ̃পরায়ণ a. devoted (to); worshipful; devout; strongly attached or addicted (to); having profound admiration (for); reverent; having trust or faith (in), reliant; having inclination or relish or appetite (for); earnest, earnestly pursuing. fem. ̃পরায়ণা । ̃পরায়ণতা n. devotion; worshipfulness; devoutness; strong attachment or addiction; profound admiration; earnestness, earnest pursuit, ̃পূর্বক adv. with devotion; reverentially; with trust or faith or reliance; willingly or with pleasure (ভক্তিপূর্বক খাওয়া বা নেওয়া); earnestly (ভক্তিপূর্বক প়ড়াশোনা করা). ̃প্লুতচিত্ত n. mind steeped in piety. ̃বাদ n. the doctrine holding that salvation is attainable by means of devotion only (without knowledge and practice); devotionalism. ̃বাদী a. devotionistic, devotionalistic. n. a devotionist, a devotionalist. ̃ভরে same as ভক্তিপূর্বক । ̃ভাজন n. a reverend or venerable or adorable person or object. a. reverend; venerable; adorable. ̃ভাব n. devout or worshipful or devoted or reverential disposition of mind. ̃ভাবে adv. devoutly; worshipfully; devotedly; devotionally; reverentially. ̃মান same as ̃পরায়ণ fem. ̃মতী । ̃মার্গ same as ̃পথ । ̃মূলক a. devotional. ̃যোগ n. worship of God or effort to attain beatitude by means of devotion only (irrespective of knowledge or practice). ̃রস n. (rhet.) the sentiment of devotion. ̃শীল same as ̃পরায়ণ । fem. ̃শীলা । ̃শূন্য, ̃হীন a. devoid of devotion or devoutness; irreverent; having no attachment (to); having no trust or faith (in), unreliant; having no inclination or relish or appetite (for); devoid of earnestness or willingness. 5)
(p. 802) bhakṣaka eating; feeding on (বায়ুভক্ষক); (fig.) spoiling or depraving (বুদ্ধিভক্ষক), killing (সন্তানভক্ষক). n. an eater; one who feeds on; (fig.) a spoiler, a vitiator, a killer. যে রক্ষক সেই ভক্ষক lawmakers are law-breakers. 7)
(p. 802) bhakṣaṇa act of eating or consuming. ভক্ষণ করা v. to eat, to consume. ভক্ষণীয় a. edible, eatable; to be eaten. n. an edible, an eatable; that which is to be eaten. 8)
(p. 802) bhakṣita eaten; eaten up, consumed. 9)
(p. 802) bhaga the six divine graces collectively, namely, riches, vigour, fame, beauty, knowledge and renunciation; godhead, divinity; glory; fortune, good luck; beauty (সুভগ); the vagina; the anus (ভগন্দর). 10)
(p. 802) bhagandara anal fistula. 11)
(p. 802) bhagabatī endowed with six divine graces (see ভগ); reverend, venerable. Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). 12)
(p. 802) bhagabadagītā a part of the Mahabharata epitomizing the teaching of the Upanishad (abbr. গীতা). 14)
(p. 802) bhagabadārādhanā worship of God. 13)
(p. 802) bhagabaddatta God-given. 15)
(p. 802) bhagabadbhakta devoted to God, god-fearing; devout, pious. ভগবদ্ভক্তি n. devotion to God; devoutness, piety. 16)
(p. 802) bhagaban voc. O God; O Reverend Sir, Your Reverence. 17)
(p. 802) bhagabāna endowed with the six divine graces (see ভগ); reverend, venerable, adorable. n. God. 18)
(p. 802) bhagāṅkura the clitoris. 19)
(p. 802) bhaginī a sister; a cousin-sister. ̃পতি n. a sister's husband or a cousinsister's husband, a brother-in-law. 20)
(p. 802) bhagōla the zodiac. 21)
(p. 802) bhagna broken; fractured (ভগ্ন অস্হি); severed, detached (ভগ্নশাখ); pulverized (ভগ্ন শস্য); curved, stooping, hunched (ভগ্নপৃষ্ঠ); dilapidated (ভগ্নমন্দির); demolished (ভগ্নকুটির); impaired, ruined, shattered (ভগ্নস্বাস্হ্য); ungratified, unentertained (ভগ্নমনোরথ); depressed or dejected; defeated or routed (ভগ্নবাহিনী); hoarse, husky (ভগ্নস্বর); (arith.) fractional (ভগ্নসংখ্যা). ̃কন্ঠে adv. in a broken or husky voice, hoarsely. ̃গৃহ n. a dilapidated house; (fig.) a house in utter disorder or confusion. ̃চিত্ত a. same as ̃হৃদয় । ̃দশা n. broken or dilapidated or ruined state, a state of decay. ̃দূত n. a messenger or a soldier bringing the news of defeat from the battlefield; (fig.) a person bringing bad or disheartening news. ̃দেহ a. having one's health run down or impaired or shattered. ̃প্রায় a. threatening to fall, tottering. ̃মনোরথ a. disappointed; balked, baulked. ̃স্তূপ n. a heap of broken-down remains, ruins. ̃স্বাস্হ্য a. with or in run-down or broken health. n. broken or run-down health. ̃হৃদয় a. broken-hearted; dejected. ভগ্নাংশ n. a broken-away part, a fraction; (arith.) a fraction. ভগ্নাঙ্ক n. (arith.) a fraction. ভগ্নাবশিষ্ট a. lying or remaining in or as ruins. ভগ্নাবশেষ n. broken-down remains, ruins; relics. ভগ্নাবস্হা n. brokendown or ruined or dilapidated state, a state of ruin or decay. ভগ্নাবস্হ a. broken-down, in ruins, dilapidated. ভগ্নাশ a. disappointed, despondent. 22)
ভগ্নোত্সাহ, ভগ্নোদ্যম
(p. 802) bhagnōtsāha, bhagnōdyama repulsed in one's effort, disappointed, disheatened, depressed, balked, baulked; discouraged. 23)
(p. 802) bhaṅga breaking or splitting (ধনুর্ভঙ্গ); fracture, rupture (অস্হিভঙ্গ); breach (বিশ্বাসভঙ্গ); violation, infringement (আইনভঙ্গ); non-observance, non-compliance (প্রতিশ্রুতিভঙ্গ); discontinuance, break (অনশনভঙ্গ); severance (সম্পর্কভঙ্গ); estrangement (বন্ধুত্ব ভঙ্গ); impairment (স্বাস্হ্যভঙ্গ); loss (আশাভঙ্গ); disbandment (দলভঙ্গ); dispersal (ছত্রভঙ্গ); (esp. of pol. parties) disintegration; dissolution; termination, close (সভাভঙ্গ); a fold or contraction. (ত্রিভঙ্গ); crack (স্বরভঙ্গ); act or manner of rolling or dancing (তরঙ্গভঙ্গ); style or shape (ভ্রূভঙ্গ); suspension, break (যাত্রাভঙ্গ); act of fleeing away, flight, retreat (রণে ভঙ্গ); rout (শত্রুসৈন্য-ভঙ্গ); removal (সন্দেহভঙ্গ); interruption, break (তালভঙ্গ, নিদ্রাভঙ্গ); obstruction, an obstacle, a drawback ('এত ভঙ্গ বঙ্গদেশ'); discouragement (মনোভঙ্গ); composition (কবরীভঙ্গ); a wave. ভঙ্গ দেওয়া v. to take to flight, to beat a retreat, to flee or withdraw as defeated (রণে বা বিতর্কে ভঙ্গ দেওয়া). ̃কুলীন n. a kulin (কুলীন) family or a member of it failing to observe the social (esp. matrimonial) restrictions enjoined on kulins. ̃পয়ার n. (pros.) a variety of payar (পয়ার) in which the second line of each of the four-line stanzas is merely the repetition of the first. ̃প্রবণ a. brittle, fragile; frail. ̃প্রবণতা n. brittleness. 24)
(p. 802) bhaṅgā leaves and shoots of hemp, bhang. 25)
ভঙ্গি, ভঙ্গিমা
(p. 802) bhaṅgi, bhaṅgimā a fashion (চুল বাঁধার ভঙ্গি); a distinction of style (রচনাভঙ্গি); manner (কাজ করার ভঙ্গি); shape or form (গঠনভঙ্গি); a pose, a posture (নৃত্যের ভঙ্গি); manner or attitude (তার কথার ভঙ্গিটি আপত্তিকর); elegance (শ্লেষের ভঙ্গি); attitudinization (আর ভঙ্গি করিস না); a wrinkle or fold or contraction (ভ্রূভঙ্গি). ভঙ্গি করা v. to attitudinize. 26)
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