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By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 77) arthī one who is asking or praying for, solicitous (ধনার্থী); desirous of (বিদ্যার্থী); one who accuses or complains; rich, wealthy. n. such a person; a petitioner, an applicant; a candidate, a desirer; an accuser, a complainant, a plaintiff; a rich man. 4)
(p. 987) samānē ceaselessly, non-stop, incessantly; at a stretch. 13)
(p. 147) uṭhabandi a temporary or periodical lease of agricultural land. ̃চাষ n. shifting cultivation. 8)
(p. 922) laḍ় (obs.) running or bolting, a bolt. লড় দেওয়া v. to bolt off, to take a run; to take to one's heels. 33)
(p. 568) nāsti is not, are not. n. inexistence, non-existence; absence. 12)
বঞ্চনা, বঞ্চন
(p. 715) bañcanā, bañcana deception; deceit; fraudulence; a fraud; deprivation. বঞ্চনা করা v. to deceive; to defraud; to deprive (of.). বঞ্চনাপূর্বক adv. deceitfully; fraudulently; craftily. বঞ্চনাময় a. deceptive; illusory. 32)
(p. 162) upacchāẏā a ghost; a phantom; (astr.) a penumbra. 20)
(p. 118) ābaru (usu. a woman's) dignity, honour; chastity, modesty; a screen; a veil, a yashmak. 8)
(p. 311) guchi a device containing several straps of cloth tied at one end in a thick knot used in woman's hairdressing to give the bun a massive appearance, a chignon. 9)
(p. 414) jhalamala expressing coruscation. ঝলমলানো, ঝলমল করা v. to coruscate; to sparkle, to glitter. ঝলমলে a. coruscating. 3)
(p. 761) binibṛtta restrained; prevented; checked: desisted. 22)
(p. 400) juẏā gambling; gambling at dice-play. জুয়া খেলা v. to gamble. জুয়ার আড্ডা a gambling-house, a gambling-hell, a gambling-den. 149)
(p. 847) mahanīẏa worshipful, adorable; venerable; honourable. 11)
তিরোভূত, তিরোহিত
(p. 457) tirōbhūta, tirōhita disappeared, vanished; passed away; (of great persons) passed out of the world, dead. fem. তিরোভূতা, তিরোহিতা । 98)
(p. 308) -giri1 meaning : being so and so, status, office, honour, tenure of office, skill in certain capacity, -ship (বাবুগিরি, রাজাগিরি, কেরানিগিরি). 48)
(p. 349) caraṇa a foot, a leg, a foot or line of a verse; ambulation, walking, travelling, wandering, moving; observance, practice. ̃কমল n. a foot fancied as a lotus; a beautiful or divine foot. ̃চারণ n. ambulation, walking; perambulation; peregrination. ̃চারী a. (also n.) pedestrian. ̃তরী, ̃তরি n. a foot regarded as a boat esp. to cross the river Baitarani (বৈতরণী) after one's death. ̃তল n. the sole; the foot. চরণতলে থাকা v. to lie under the foot or sole of; (fig.) to act as one's bond-slave for attainment of final salvation; (fig.) to depend cringingly on. চরণতলে পড়া v. to fall at the feet of (esp. in order to win favour). ̃দাসী n. a devoted wife; one belonging to a sect of Vaishnavas founded by Charandas; (sarcas.) a female companion or associate of a Vaishnava. ̃ধূলি, ̃ধুলা n. the dust of one's feet. ̃পদ্ম same as ̃কমল । ̃প্রান্ত n. the border or end of one's feet. ̃প্রান্তে adv. at one's feet. ̃বন্দনা n. act of worshipping one's feet; act of bowing down at one's feet in obeisance, genuflection. ̃যুগল n. both the feet, the two feet; a pair of feet. ̃রেণু same as ̃ধূলি । ̃সেবক n. a devotee. ̃সেবা n. act of worshipping one's feet; act of massaging one's legs and feet. ̃স্পর্শ n. contact of one's feet; act of touching one's feet. চরণ স্পর্শ করা v. to touch one's feet. ̃স্পর্শে adv. at the contact or touch of one's feet. চরণাঙ্কিত a. marked with the footprint (of). চরণাঙ্গুলি n. a toe. চরণামৃত n. the water with which the feet of a deity or revered person has been washed. চরণাম্বুজ, চরণারবিন্দ same as চরণকমল । চরণোপান্তে adv. at one's feet. 3)
(p. 1060) hēmanta the season occurring between autumn and winter comprising the months of Kartik (কার্তিক) and Agrahayana (অগ্রহায়ন). 68)
(p. 176) ṛtu season, a tide or time; menstruation, the menses. ̃কাল n. the period or time of a season, a tide; the period of menstruation, the menstrual period. ̃নাথ, ̃পতি n. the king of seasons; the spring. ̃পরিবর্তন n. change of season. ̃পর্যায় n. succession or revolution of the seasons. ̃মতী a. (of a woman) menstruating, in the menses. ̃মতী হওয়া v. to menstruate, to be in the menses; to menstruate for the first time. ̃রক্ষা n. act of copulating with a woman on the fourth day of her menstrual period ̃রক্ষা করা v. to copulate with a woman on the fourth day of her menstrual period. ̃রাজ same as ঋতুনাথ । ̃স্নাতা a. fem. bathed on the fourth day of one's menstrual period. ̃স্নান n. act of bathing on the fourth day of one's menstrual period. 15)
(p. 262) kramāẏāta succeeding serially, successive. 15)
(p. 321) gōlōka (myth.) the part of the heaven which is the abode of Narayana (নারায়ণ) or Vishnu (বিষ্ণু) ̃ধাম n. the abode of Narayana (নারায়ণ) or Vishnu in heaven; a kind of indoor game. ̃নাথ, ̃পতি, ̃বিহারী n. appellations of Narayana (নারায়ণ) or Vishnu (বিষ্ণু). ̃প্রাপ্তি n. divine permission to live in Goloka (গোলোক) after one's death. 98)
(p. 30) anucikīrṣā desire to imitate; imitativeness. অনুচিকীর্ষু a. desirous of imitating. 34)
(p. 400) jībāśma a fossil. 120)
(p. 1012) sina a scene (of a drama); a painted scene put up on a stage; a scenery. 27)
(p. 457) tāratamya state of being more or less; difference; disparity; discrimination; comparison. তারতম্য করা v. to make more or less; to differentiate; to discriminate; to compare. 25)
(p. 872) mucalēkā (in law) a recognizance, a bond. মুচলেকা দেওয়া v. to enter into a recognizance, to furnish a bond. 22)
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