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By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 786) bēdasammata conforming to the Vedas. 34)
(p. 738) bāṭāli a chisel. 46)
(p. 673) prajbālana act of causing to burn strongly; inflaming; enkindling, ignition, lighting; (fig.) act of exciting or rousing. 14)
ঝকঝক, ঝকমক
(p. 412) jhakajhaka, jhakamaka expressing: sparkling or glistening state. ঝকঝক করা, ঝকমক করা, ঝকঝকানো, ঝকমকানো v. to sparkle, to glisten, to glitter; to shine brightly. ঝকঝকানি, ঝকমকানি n. sparkling or glistening or glittering state. ঝকঝকে, ঝকমকে a. sparkling, glistening, glittering, brightly shining. 5)
(p. 20) adhīta read, studied, perused. অধীত বিষয় n. a subject that has been studied. অধীতি n. study, act of reading, perusal. অধীতী a. engaged in studying or reading or perusing; learned, erudite, wellstudied. 52)
(p. 550) nagara a city; a town; a metropolis, a capital. fem. নগরী । ̃কীর্তন n. act of singing religious songs in procession through a city (or village); a song sung thus. ̃চত্বর n. a market-place of a city. ̃জীবন n. city-life, town-life, urban life. ̃দ্বার n. a gate of a city, a city gate. ̃পাল n. the Police chief of a city, the Commissioner of Police; a city magistrate; a city father, a town-councillor. ̃প্রান্ত same as নগরোপান্ত । ̃বাসী a. living in a city or town, urban. n. a townsman (fem. a townswoman; pl. townsfolk, townspeople), a citizen, a townee. fem. নগরবাসিনী । ̃রক্ষক n. a metropolitan policeman; a city-guard. ̃রাষ্ট্র n. a city state. ̃সংকীর্তন same as নগরকীর্তন । ̃স্হ a. situated in or living in a town or city; of a town or city. 17)
(p. 102) ācāra2 religious or scriptural rules or prescriptions, rites; observance of these rules and prescriptions; conduct, behaviour; custom, practice (দেশাচার); good manners or conduct. ̃চ্যুত a. same as ̃ভ্রষ্ট । ̃নিষ্ঠ, ̃পরায়ণ, ̃বান a. observant of religious or scriptural rules and prescriptions; well-mannered; observant of the rules of conduct. আচারনিষ্ঠ ব্যক্তি a person with due regard for rituals and religious practices; a ritualist. ̃বিরুদ্ধ a. contrary to custom or practice. ̃ব্যবহার, ̃বিচার n. established customs and practices; conduct and behaviour. ̃ভ্রষ্ট a. one who has failed to observe or does not observe prescribed religious or scriptural rites. ̃হীন a. not observing religious or scriptural rites; impious. আচারী same as ̃নিষ্ঠ । 35)
(p. 721) balī2 full of strength, powerful, strong; heroic, valorous. 156)
(p. 150) udumbara the wild fig or its tree. 112)
(p. 967) saṃshita placed or laid esp. in an orderly manner; arranged; stationed. সংস্হিতি n. the state of being placed or laid esp. in an orderly manner; arrangement; the state of being stationed. 55)
(p. 329) gharāmi a thatcher, one who builds huts professionally. ̃গিরি n. the occupation of building huts; the occupation of a thatcher. 55)
(p. 399) jādu2 magic, jugglery; sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment; engrossing charm (রূপের জাদু). জাদু করা v. to enchant, to bewitch; to charm. ̃কর, (rare) ̃গর a. a magician, a juggler; a sorcerer, a wizard; an enchanter, a charmer. fem. ̃করী, (rare) ̃গরী a female magician or juggler; a sorceress, a witch; an enchantress. ̃ঘর n. a museum (of curiosities). ̃বল n. magical power-good or bad, force of charm or enchantment. ̃বিদ্যা n. magic, jugglery; black art, sorcery, witchcraft; enchantment. 3)
(p. 944) śiśi a phial made of glass. 86)
(p. 765) bibhakta divided; parted; partitioned; apportioned. বিভক্ত করা v. to divide; to part; to partition; to apportion. 28)
(p. 56) abiṣahya unbearable; insufferable; intolerable; hard to bear or suffer or tolerate. 128)
(p. 296) gandhī (chiefly used as a sfx.) having a specific scent, scented. n. a dealer in spices (by caste); a kind of beetle with an abominable odour or offensive smell, a flying bug. 38)
(p. 550) nagarōpānta the outskirts or suburbs of a city or town. 20)
(p. 36) anuraṇita resonated, resounded, reverberated; echoed. 8)
(p. 532) dharmābalambana practising a religion; adoption of a religion. ধর্মাবলম্বন করা v. to practise or follow a religion or creed; to adopt a religion. ধর্মাবলম্বী a. following or practising a religion. fem. ধর্মাবলম্বিনী । 29)
(p. 296) gabacandra the name of a ludicrously stupid minister of folk tales; an utter fool. 45)
(p. 582) nirudbēga unperturbed; unworried; calm. n. unperturbedness, unworriedness; calmness. নিরুদ্বেগে adv. without worries and anxieties, calmly. 29)
(p. 517) daibādhīna dependent on fate, controlled by destiny, fateful. 52)
(p. 150) udāma uncontrollable, indomitable; violent; unrestrained; unbounded; free; open; reckless; wayward; uncovered, bare; naked; very naughty. 101)
(p. 574) nibasi (obs. poet.) dwells or dwell, lives or live, resides or reside. 29)
(p. 20) adhipādīẏa epibasal. 6)
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