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Samsad Bangla to English Dictionary (3rd Edition)

By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 47) aparisīma limitless, boundless; unbounded; endless. 26)
(p. 765) bibṛtta turned about, revolved; returned. 21)
(p. 341) cakrābarta rotation; rotatory motion. 19)
পাদরি, পাদ্রি
(p. 638) pādari, pādri a Christian clergyman or ecclesiastical preacher, a padri. 64)
(p. 237) kīrtita narrated; celebrated, extolled; glorified; sung. 4)
(p. 386) jaḍ়ita connected, related; attached; involved or implicated in; engaged in; inlaid, studded with; affected with; confused (জড়িত কণ্ঠে). জড়িত করা v. to involve or entangle. জড়িত হওয়া v. to be involved or implicated. 29)
(p. 204) karaṇa doing or working or performing; accomplishment, execution, action; a work done, a deed, an act; a cause or motive; any of the sense organs; body; physique; a place, a field; a place where business is carried on, an office; (gr.) the instrumental case. ̃কারক n. (gr.) the instrumental case. ̃কারণ n. exchange of gifts at a wedding. 29)
(p. 73) amlākta mixed or dyed with acid; sour. 2)
(p. 1007) sāẏana (astr.) declination; the equinox. 34)
(p. 625) pariṣēbikā of পরিষেবক । 35)
(p. 773) bīkṣaṇa careful observation. 79)
(p. 761) binyāsa placing in an orderly manner; arraying or an array; artistic or neat dressing or arrangement (কেশবিন্যাস, বেশবিন্যাস); orderly or artistic application (শব্দবিন্যাস); (loos.) narration or fabrication at length, elaboration (বিন্যাসসহকারে বলা); (math.) permutation. 46)
(p. 228) kāraṇībhūta one who or that which has become the cause of; causing; supposed to be or appeared as the cause of. 17)
(p. 927) lōka a person, a human being; the public; mankind; a world, a sphere (ভূলোক); a region or abode (বিষ্ণুলোক). লোক হাসানো v. to be an object of public ridicule. লোকে বলে people say; they say; it is said. ̃কাহিনি, ̃কথা n. a folktale, a folklore. ̃গণক n. a census enumerator. ̃গণনা n. census. ̃গাথা n. a ballad. ̃চক্ষুতে adv. in the eyes of the people or of the public. ̃চক্ষুর সমক্ষে publicly; openly. ̃চরিত্র n. human nature. ̃জন n. pl. people at large; one's followers or supporters or associates; retinue, suite, a train of followers. ̃জানাজানি n. public exposure, publicity. ̃ত্রয় (usu. ত্রিলোক) n. the three worlds (heaven, earth and the nether world). ̃দেখানো a. falsely exhibiting or displaying in presence of others, falsely demonstrative. ̃নাট্য n. folk drama. ̃নিন্দা same as লোকাপবাদ । ̃নৃত্য n. folkdance. ̃পরম্পরা n. succession of generations; transmission from generation to generation of people or from man to man. ̃পরম্পরাগত a. transmitted or handed down from generation to generation of people, traditional; ciculated or transmitted from man to man. ̃পাল n. a king; (myth.) any one of the eight presiding deities of the eight corners of the universe; (in modern times) a Vigilance or Anticorruption Officer independent of the executive. ̃প্রবাদ n. hearsay; (loos.) a rumour. ̃প্রিয় a. popular. ̃প্রিয়তা n. popularity. ̃বল n. the strength of one's supporters or followers; one's supporters or associates or followers collectively. ̃বসতি n. human habitation, settlement. ̃বিশ্রুত a. well-known to the people; famous, renowned, celebrated. ̃ব্যবহার same as লোকাচার । ̃ভাষা n. dialect, the language of the common people. ̃মুখে adv. from other people, from other people's mouth (লোকমুখে শুনেছি). ̃রঞ্জন folk-entertainment. ̃লজ্জা n. fear of looking small to the people, fear of public disgrace. ̃লশকর n. retinue, suite. লীলা n. worldly activities. লৌকিকতা n. social formalities; social amenities. ̃শাসন n. public administration. ̃শিক্ষা n. mass education. ̃সংখ্যা n. population. ̃সংগীত n. a folk-song. ̃সমাকীর্ণ same as জনাকীর্ণ । ̃সমাগম n. gathering or collection of people; gathering. ̃সমাজ n. human society; the public. ̃সাহিত্য n. folk literature. ̃সেবক n. a social welfare worker. ̃সেবা n. social (welfare) service. হিত n. public welfare; public good. ̃হিতকর n. beneficial to the public; promoting the well-being of the people. ̃হিতকর কার্য a public welfare work or service. ̃হিতব্রত a. a vow to do public good, dedication to public service; devotion to public welfare work. ̃হিতৈষণা n. benevolence; (loos.) philanthropy. ̃হিতৈষী a. benevolent; (loos.) philanthropic. fem. ̃হিতৈষিণী । 103)
(p. 638) pāṇḍitya erudition, learning, scholarship; wisdom; expertness, skill; (dero.) pedantry. ̃প্রকাশ n. ostentatious display of one's learning by oneself, parade of one's learning; (iron.) act of betraying one's ignorance or folly. পাণ্ডিত্যাভিমানী a. proud of one's learning. fem. পাণ্ডিত্যাভিমানিনী 22)
(p. 654) pūrṇaka characteristic of a logarithm. 103)
(p. 485) daẏā kindness, charity; compassion; tender-heartedness; pity; mercy; favour, benignancy, grace; (rare) benevolence, bounty. দয়া করা v. to be kind to, to be charitable towards; to look at someone in (or with) compassion; to pity; to take pity on; to treat mercifully; to favour, to be gracious towards. দয়া করে kindly. দয়ার পাত্র an object of pity; a miserable or despicable man. দয়ার সাগর (fig.) an ocean of kindness or compassion, an extremely kind or compassionate man. ̃দাক্ষিণ্য n. charity, kindness; bounty; benignancy; mercy. ̃নিধি n. (fig.) a store of kindness or compassion, an extremely kind or compassionate man. ̃ন্বিত, ̃পরবশ, ̃পরতন্ত্র a. moved or stricken with kindness or compassion or mercy; kind; compassionate; merciful. ̃বান, ̃ময় a. kind, charitable; compassionate; tender-hearted; merciful; gracious, benignant; (rare) benevolent, bountiful. fem. ̃বতী, ̃ময়ী । ̃মায়া n. pity and love, compassion and affection. ̃মায়াহীন a. without mercy or compassion, pitiless. ̃র্দ্র a. melted or softened with kindness or compassion or mercy. fem. দয়ার্দ্রা । ̃র্দ্রচিত্ত a. having one's heart softened with kindness or compassion or mercy; kind-hearted. ̃ল, ̃লু same as দয়াবান । ̃শীল a. kind or charitable or compassionate or tenderhearted or merciful or gracious or benignant or benevolent or bountiful (by nature); practising kindness or charity or benevolence. fem. ̃শীলা । ̃শূন্য, ̃হীন a. unkind, uncharitable; uncompassionate, pitiless; merciless; ungracious. fem. ̃শূন্যা, ̃হীনা । দয়া হওয়া v. to feel compassion or pity for. 16)
(p. 792) bōdha knowledge; cognition; intellect; intelligence; perception; feeling; appreciation; consciousness; consolation; a notion or surmise. বোধ করা v. to feel; to perceive; to have a notion, to surmise. বোধ থাকা v. to have wisdom or cognition or intellect or intelligence or perception or feeling or appreciation or consciousness. বোধ মানা v. to be amenable to consolation. বোধ হওয়া v. to seem or appear (to be). বোধ হয় perhaps. বোধক a. signifying, indicative (of); imparting knowledge; arousing feeling or consciousness; enlightening. ̃গম্য a. intelligible; perceivable; comprehensible; knowable. বোধন n. inparting knowledge; arousal of feeling or consciousness; enlightenment; awakening; ceremonial awakening of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) on the sixth lunar day immediately preceding the time of her autumnal worship; an inspiration. ̃য়িতা same as বোধক । fem. ̃য়িত্রী । ̃শক্তি n. power of understanding or feeling; power of appreciation; perception; comprehension; intellect; sensation. ̃শক্তিহীন a. devoid of power of understanding or feeling or appreciation; insensible; stupid; dull. ̃শক্তিহীনতা n. lack of the power of understanding. ̃শোধ n. common sense. ̃হীন a. incapable of understanding or feeling or appreciating or perceiving; stupid; dull. বোধাতীত a. unintelligible; imperceptible; incomprehensible; unknowable; beyond cognition. বোধি n. a kind of spiritual meditation or trance; knowledge about philosophical reality, final or supreme knowledge; the banian tree at Gaya under which Buddha sat in meditation and attained final knowledge (usu. বোধিদ্রুম, বোধিবৃক্ষ). বোধিসত্ব n. a person whose very essence is knowledge; an incarnation of Gautam (গৌতম) immediately preceding his birth as Buddha. বোধিকা fem. of বোধক n. a helpbook. বোধিনী same as বোধিকা (n.). বোধের বাইরে adv. beyond one's knowledge or comprehension; beyond one's ken. বোধোদয় n. enlightenment. বোধ্য a. intelligbile; perceivable; comprehensible; knowable. 40)
তেজোমূর্তি, তেজোরূপ
(p. 467) tējōmūrti, tējōrūpa a man or being having a luminous or shining or lustrous appearance; lustre or power personified. a. having a luminous or shining or lustrous appearance. 20)
অসন্তুষ্টি, অসন্তোষ
(p. 85) asantuṣṭi, asantōṣa displeasure; dissatisfaction; discontent; ill disposition; aggrieved state; grievance. অসন্তোষজনক a. unsatisfactory; unsatisfied; dissatisfied; displeased. 49)
(p. 77) ardita killed. 9)
(p. 20) adhibhāra a surcharge. 27)
(p. 495) dāẏāda a claimant to an inheritance; an heir; a son; a sharer of one's patrimony; a kinsman. দায়াদি n. fem. a female claimant to inheritance; an heiress; a daughter; a female sharer of one's patrimony; a kinswoman. a. (in all genders) inherited, obtained by inheritance. 34)
দুষ্প্রবেশ্য, দুষ্প্রবেশ
(p. 508) duṣprabēśya, duṣprabēśa difficult to enter or penetrate. 71)
(p. 629) pali silt; alluvium. পলি পড়া v. to collect alluvial deposit, to silt. পলি-পড়া a. silted up. ̃মাটি n. alluvium, silt; alluvial soil. 28)
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