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(p. 73) arājaka anarchical; divested of law and order, lawless; disorderly. ̃তা n. absence of government in a society; anarchy; lawlessness and disorder; political or social disorder; turmoil. 51)
(p. 75) artha 2 money, wealth; purpose, end in view, object; behalf (পরার্থে); earthly or secular prosperity, comfort and happiness (ধর্ম-অর্থ-কাম-মোক্ষ); politics; political economy, economics; purpose (মোক্ষার্থে তপস্যা); any branch or subject of learning (সর্বার্থতত্ত্ব); the thing desired (পুরুষার্থ). অর্থ আধিকারিক n. finance officer. ̃কর a. helpful in earning money, money-earning, money-making. fem. ̃করী । ̃করী বিদ্যা learning or training conducive to earning money; professional training. ̃কষ্ট n. pecuniary hardship or trouble; want or shortage of money. ̃কামী a. (eagerly) desirous of earning or acquiring money or wealth; avaricious. ̃কৃচ্ছ্র n. same as ̃কষ্ট । ̃গৃধ্নু a. avaricious, mammonish. ̃চিন্তা n. pecuniary worry; devising means of earning money. ̃চেষ্টা n. effort to earn or procure money. ̃তত্ত্ব n. political economy; economics. ̃দণ্ড n. a fine; pecuniary loss. ̃নীতি n. political economy, economics; principles of economics. ̃নীতিজ্ঞ, ̃নীতিবিদ n. an economist. ̃নৈতিক same as আর্থনীতিক । ̃পর, ̃পরায়ণ a. avaricious, mammonish; miserly. ̃পাল n. a treasurer. ̃পিপাসা n. thirst for money. ̃পিপাসু a. thirsty for money. ̃পিশাচ n. one who is unscrupulously greedy of money; one having an inordinate lust for money; a Mammon-worshipper. ̃প্রদ a. that which fetches money, money-earning. ̃প্রাপ্তি n. act of obtaining or earning money. ̃বল n. financial strength or competency; power of wealth. ̃বান a. rich, wealthy. ̃বিদ্যা n. same as অর্থতত্ত্ব । ̃বিনিয়োগ n. investment of money. ̃বিজ্ঞান n. same as অর্থতত্ত্ব । ̃বিজ্ঞানী n. an economist. ̃ব্যয় n. act of spending money; expenditure, expense, cost. ̃ভাণ্ডার n. treasury; fund. ̃মন্ত্রক n. the ministry of finance. ̃লাভ n. same as অর্থপ্রাপ্তি । ̃লালসা, ̃লিপ্সা, ̃লোভ n. (chiefly morbid) desire for money; avarice, cupidity. ̃লিপ্সু, ̃লোভী a. avaricious. ̃শালী a. rich, wealthy. ̃শাস্ত্র n. political economy, economics; political science, politics (কৌটিল্যের অর্থশাস্ত্র). ̃শূন্য a. unprovided with money; grossly short of money; penniless, insolvent. ̃শূন্যতা n. lack of money; gross shortage of money; insolvency, pauperism. ̃সংকট n. financial crisis. ̃সংগ্রহ n. procurement or collection or acquisition or earning of money. ̃সংগ্রহ করা v. to procure or collect or acquire or raise or earn money. ̃সংস্হান n. provision or procurement of money. সংস্হান করা v. to provide or procure money (for). সংগতি n. provision or possession of money; solvency. সংগতি থাকা v. to possess money or funds (for); to be well-to-do or solvent. ̃সচিব n. finance secretary. ̃সঞ্চয় n. saving or hoarding or accumulating money or wealth. ̃সঞ্চয়ী a. money-saving. ̃সাহায্য n. monetary aid or grant; donation. ̃সাহায্য করা v. to grant monetary aid; to help with money. ̃হানি n. loss of money. ̃হীন n. same as অর্থশূন্য । অর্থাগম n. inflow or influx of money; income. 32)
(p. 115) āndōlana agitation; movement; stir; swinging, oscillation; vibration; cogitation, discussion. রাজনীতিক আন্দোলন political agitation or movement. আন্দোলন করা v. to agitate; to stir; to swing, to oscillate; to vibrate; to cogitate, to discuss. মনে আন্দোলন হওয়া v. to have a thing cogitated in one's mind. 16)
(p. 226) kābya a poetic saying or utterance; poetry; poetic composition; a poetical work; a book of verse. ̃কলা n. poetics; the poetical art. ̃কুঞ্জ n. the grove of the Muses of poetry. ̃গ্রন্হ n. a poetical work; a book of verse. ̃চর্চা n. exercise in poetry, writing poetry; study of poetry. ̃জগত্ n. the realm of poetry; poets of the world collectively; the realm of imagination. ̃নাটক n. a poetic drama. ̃বিশারদ a. skilled in poetry. n. one who is skilled in poetry; (dero. & sarcas.) a poetaster. ˜রস n. the beauty of poetry, the aesthetic value of poetry; political beauty. ̃রসিক n. one who can appreciate poetry, one who finds pleasure in reading poetry. কাব্যিক a. poetic; unduly poetic. 6)
(p. 240) kudētā coup d'etat, a sudden stroke of state policy; a sudden political or military uprise. 47)
(p. 248) kūṭa shrewd, subtle (কূটবুদ্ধি); complicated, intricate (কূটপ্রশ্ন); tricky, deceptive (কূটচাল); false, fabricated (কূটসাক্ষ্য); cooked up, got-up, framed up (কূট মোকদ্দমা); crooked (কূটচরিত্র); diplomatic, politic (কূটনীতি). n. an incomprehensible or unexpoundable couplet or saying (ব্যাসকূট); a mountainpeak (চিত্রকূট); the top of anything (প্রাসাদকূট); a heap (অন্নকূট); a trap; a trick; (rhet.) a paradox. ̃চাল n. obstacles and hindrances; intricacies; useless arguments; sophistry. ̃কচালে a. intricate; incomprehensible; full of obstacles and hindrances; given to useless arguments or sophistry. ̃কর্ম n. forgery; swindling; fraud. ̃কৌশল n. shrewd tricky or crafty policy; tricky or shrewd contrivance or device. ̃ঘাত n. sabotage. ̃ঘাতী a. pertaining to or of the nature of sabotage. n. a saboteur. ̃জ n. a medicinal plant usu. grown on hillsides. ̃তর্ক n. scholastic but useless arguments, sophistry. ̃তার্কিক n. one given to sophistry, a sophist. ̃তুলা n. a false scale or balance (esp. made to deceive buyers). ̃নীতি n. diplomacy; shrewd politics; shrewdness; politics. ̃নীতিক a. diplomatic; shrewd; political. n. a diplomat. ̃নীতিজ্ঞ a. shrewd; versed in diplomacy. n. a diplomat. ̃নৈতিক same as কূটনীতিক । ̃প্রশ্ন n. an intricate question, a poser; a riddle, a puzzle. ̃বন্ধ n. a trap, a snare. ̃বুদ্ধি a. crooked, wily, guileful, crafty. n. crookedness, wile, guile, craftiness. ̃ভাষী a. given to speaking in riddles; given to lying. ̃যন্ত্র n. a trapping device, a trap. ̃যুদ্ধ n. a diplomatic fight, manoeuvring and counter-manoeuvring in diplomacy. ̃সাক্ষী n. a false witness; a tutored or got-up witness. ̃সাক্ষ্য n. false evidence, perjury. ̃স্হ a. (phil.) eternally uniform or unchanging (যেমন- ঈশ্বর, আকাশ); occult, latent (কূটস্হ চৈতন্য). কূটাভাস n. (rhet.) a paradox. কূটার্থ n. far-fetched meaning; an implied or implicit meaning, implication; a distorted meaning. 26)
(p. 306) gāndhibāda the (philosophical and sociopolitical) doctrine of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhism.
(p. 314) gērilā a member of a political group engaged in irregular fighting esp. against larger and regular forces, the guerrilla. ̃যুদ্ধ n. guerrilla warfare, irregular fighting of the guerrilla. 87)
(p. 423) ṭikiṭa a ticket; a postal stamp, a postage-stamp (usu. ডাকটিকিট); nomination of a political party for election. টিকিট কাটা v. to purchase or buy a ticket, to book; to punch a ticket. টিকিট কেনা v. to purchase a ticket, to book; to purchase postage stamps. ̃ঘর n. a booking-office. ̃পরীক্ষক n. a ticket-examiner. ̃বাবু, ̃মাস্টার n. a booking-clerk. ̃সংগ্রাহক n. a ticket-collector. বিনা টিকিটে ভ্রমণ travelling without tickets. 18)
(p. 480) dakṣiṇa the south; the right hand side, the right. a. southern, south; Antarctic; dexter, right (দক্ষিণ হস্ত); favourable, pleased, graceful (রুদ্রের দক্ষিণ মুখ); (rhet.) a gallant who can love several women equally at the same time. অয়নান্ত n. winter solstice. ̃কালিকা, দক্ষিণাকালী n. a manifestation of Goddess Kali (কালী). ̃পন্হী a. rightist. n. a rightist in politics. দক্ষিণ-পশ্চিম n. & a. south-west. □ a. south-western. দক্ষিণ-পূর্ব n. & a. south-east. □ a. southeastern. ̃মেরু n. the South Pole. ̃মেরু অঞ্চল the Antarctic. ̃হস্ত n. the right hand; (fig.) the principal support or helper, one's right-hand man. দক্ষিণহস্তের ব্যাপার the affair or business of taking one's meal, eating. 17)
(p. 481) daṇḍa2 a rod, a mace, a club, a staff, a stick, a pole, a sceptre; a pestle; a mallet; a churning stick; a maulstick; a ramrod; a rudder; anything resembling a rod; a measure of length (=4 cubits); punishment, penalty; a sentence (প্রাণদণ্ড); a fine (অর্থদণ্ড); a loss (ব্যবসায়ে টাকা দণ্ড); government or statemanship, any form or policy of government (সামদানভেদদণ্ড); a war or battle; an army or column (দণ্ডনায়ক). ̃কর্তা n. one who is empowered to punish; a punisher; a governor or ruler; a judge. fem. ̃কর্ত্রী ।̃কাক n. the god of death or Yama (যম) in the guise of a crow; jackdaw, a raven. ̃গ্রহণ n. acceptance of or submission to punishment; act of taking to asceticism. দণ্ডগ্রহণ করা v. to accept punishment, to submit to punishment, to kiss the rod; to take to asceticism, to renounce the world. ̃চুম্বক n. a bar magnet. ̃দাতা n. an inflicter of punishment, a scourger. fem. ̃দাত্রী । ̃দান n. infliction of punishment; an award of a sentence of punishment. দণ্ডদান করা, দণ্ড দেওয়া v. to punish; to sentence to punishment, to award a sentence of punishment. ̃ধর n. a king; a ruler or governor; a name of Yama (যম) the god of death and punisher of sinners. a. sceptred; armed with or bearing a staff. ̃ধারী a. armed with or bearing a staff; sceptred. n. king; an ascetic. ̃ন n. act of punishing or infliction of punishment, punishment. ̃নায়ক n. a commanderin-chief; an army commander; one empowered to punish, a punisher, a scourger. ̃নীতি n. principles of government; political economy, politics; principles regulating punishment, penal system. ̃নীয় a. punishable. fem. ̃নীয়া । ̃পাণি same as দন্ডধর । ̃প্রদান same as দন্ডদান । ̃পাল, ̃পালক n. a gatekeeper, a porter (fem. porteress, portress), a janitor (fem. janitrix, janitress). ̃বিধাতা same as ̃দাতা fem. ̃বিধাত্রী । ̃বিধান n. award or determination of punishment; the penal code. ̃বিধি n. the penal code; the criminal or penal procedure; a criminal or penal law. ̃মুণ্ড n. all sorts of punishments ranging from the most lenient ones to capital punishment. দণ্ডমুণ্ডের কর্তা one who has the absolute power of punishing; a king; an absolute ruler or master; a judge. ̃যোগ্য a. punishable. ̃স্বরুপ adv. by way of punishment, as a penalty. 23)
(p. 485) dala a leaf (বিল্বদল); a petal (পুষ্পদল); a blade (তৃণদল); a cress or watercress (কলমিদল); a piece (মেঘদল); a party, a group, a company, a band, a body, a train, a flock, a herd, a swarm, a gang, a team, a side, a party (দুইদলে মামলা); a faction, a clique (দল পাকানো); a union (দল বাঁধা); (dero.) evil company (দলে মিশে উচ্ছন্নে যাওয়া). দল ছাড়া v. to leave or desert one's flock or party; to give up evil company. দল পাকানো, দল বাঁধা v. to unite into a body; (dero.) to form a faction or clique. দল বেঁধে in a body. দল ভাঙা v. to disrupt or disintegrate a party; to demobilize a troop. দল ভেঙে বেরিয়ে আসা v. to break away from a party; (cp.) to cross the floor; to defect. দলে দলে in (different) groups or flocks (দলে দলে লোক যাচ্ছে, দলে দলে পশু চরছে); between or amongst parties or factions (দলে দলে বিবাদ). দলে ভারী large in number; greater in number, enjoying a majority. দলে হালকা small or smaller in number. খেলার দল, খেলোয়াড়ের দল a team of players. দস্যুদল n. a gang of robbers. নর্তকের দল a band or group of dancers. নাচের দল a dancing party. নাবিকদল n. a party or band of sailors. পশুর দল a herd of beasts. পাখির দল a flock of birds. বদমাশের দল a gang of ruffians. যাত্রার দল an opera party. রাজনীতিক দল a political party. সৈন্যদল n. an army of soldiers. ̃কচু n. a kind of edible plant. ̃গত a. counted as a group, collective (দলগত শক্তি); taken as a group or party (দলগত সংহতি). ̃চ্যুত a. separated or expelled from one's flock or party. ̃চ্যুতি n. separation or expulsion from one's flock or party. ̃ছাড়া a. separated from one's flock or party; (rare) moving alone; solitary, singular; unusual, queer, exceptional. ̃ত্যাগ n. leaving or deserting one's party or flock. দলত্যাগ করা v. to leave or desert one's party or flock. ̃ত্যাগী a. one who leaves or deserts one's party or flock. দলত্যাগী ব্যক্তি n. one who has left his party; a defector; a deserter of his party, a turncoat; a renegade, an apostate. ̃পতি a leader; a headman, a chief, a chieftain; a gangster. ̃পরিবর্তন n. change of party or side; transfer from one club or team to another. ̃বন্ধ a. united into a body; united; flocked or herded together; (rare) gregarious (দলবন্ধ জীবন). ̃বন্ধ ভাবে adv. in a body, en masse; unitedly; in a flock; gregariously. ̃বন্ধ হওয়া v. to unite in a group, to band together. ̃বল n. one's followers and forces. ̃বাজি n. factionalism, partisanship, cliquism. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as দলছাড়া । ̃মন্ডল n. (bot.) a corolla. ̃মত নির্বিশেষে adv. irrespective of parties or opinions. ̃লগ্ন a. (bot.) epipetalous. ̃হীন a. unattached to any party; (pol.) non-party, independent; (bot.) apetalous. দলে ভেড়া v. to join a party or group, to associate oneself with a body of like-minded people. 61)
(p. 593) nīti morality (নীতিবিরুদ্ধ আচরণ); morals (নীতিশাস্ত্র); moral science, ethics; a moral teaching, a moral or maxim (গল্পটির নীতি); conscience (নীতিতে বাধছে); social morality, justice (নীতিসম্মত বিচার); politics (নীতিকুশল); an edict or prescript (ধর্মের নীতি); a principle (অহিংসার নীতি); a method or means or policy (কাঁটা দিয়ে কাঁটা তোলার নীতি); a custom or practice (সমাজের নীতি); a branch of learning, a science (সমাজনীতি, রাজনীতি). ̃কথা n. a moral saying or moral advice; a maxim, an aphorism; a moral; a moral tale; a salutary advice. ̃কুশল a. proficient in politics or statesmanship or diplomacy or in the rules of morality. ̃কুশলতা n. proficiency in politics or statesmanship or diplomacy or moral rules. ̃জ্ঞ a. versed in politics or statesmanship or diplomacy or ethics. ̃জ্ঞান n. political knowledge; knowledge in statesmanship; diplomatic knowledge; ethical knowledge. ̃জ্ঞানবর্জিত, ̃জ্ঞানশূন্য, ̃জ্ঞানহীন a. divested of ethical knowledge or devoid of moral scruples; immoral; unscrupulous. ̃বচন, ̃বাক্য n. a moral saying or advice; a maxim, an aphorism; a salutary advice. ̃বাগীশ a. one who makes a parade of one's moral sense. ̃বিজ্ঞান n. ethics, moral science. ̃বিদ a. same as নীতিজ্ঞ । ̃বিরুদ্ধ, ̃বিরোধী a. contrary to moral rules or precepts; immoral; unjust; contrary to one's principles. ̃মূলক a. didactic, moral; concerning a particular principle or principles. ̃শাস্ত্র n. moral science, moral philosophy, ethics. ̃শাস্ত্রবিদ, ̃শাস্ত্রবেত্তা a. versed in moral science. n. a moral philosopher. ̃শিক্ষা n. moral instruction or education; political or judicial education. ̃সংগত, ̃সম্মত a. conforming to morality or justice; righteous or just; conforming to a particular principle or principles. ̃হীন a. without any principle, unprincipled; lacking moral principles; unscrupulous. 18)
(p. 555) naẏa2 a political or sociological or theological or moral principle; politics; sociology; theology; ethics. ̃জ্ঞ a. versed in politics, sociology, theology or ethics. n. such a person. ̃জ্ঞান n. knowledge of politics, sociology, theology or ethics. ̃শাস্ত্র n. politics, sociology, theology and ethics collectively or separately. 48)
(p. 721) baẏakaṭa boycott; (social or political) refusal. বয়কট করা v. to boycott. 26)
(p. 907) rāja4 denoting: a king; government; excellent, best. ̃কন্যা n. a princess. ̃কবি n. a court-poet; a poet-laureate. ̃কর same as রাজস্ব । ̃কর্ম, ̃কার্য n. the office and duties of a king; a royal duty; a state affair; government service, public service. ̃কর্মচারী n. an officer or servant of the state, a government officer; a public servant. ̃কীয় a. royal, regal; kingly, princely; (fig.) magnificent. ̃কুমার n. a king's son, a prince. fem. ̃কুমারী a princess. ̃কুল n. a royal line or family, a dynasty. ̃কুলদ্ভব a. born of a royal family, princely-born. ̃কোষ n. a royal or government treasury, a treasury. ̃ক্ষমা n. amnesty. ̃গুরু n. a spiritual guide of a king or of a royal family. ̃গৃহ n. a king's palace or city. ̃চক্রবর্তী n. a sovereign king, a suzerain; a king of kings, an emperor. ̃চিহ্ন n. a mark on one's person indicating that one is a king or will become a king; royal insignia. ̃চ্ছত্র, (pop.) ̃ছত্র n. an umbrella which is officially held over the head of a king. ̃টিকা n. a holy mark painted on the forehead of a king at coronation. ̃তক্ত same as রাজাসন । ̃তন্ত্র n. monarchy; state administrative policy. ̃ত্ব n. a kingdom, a realm; a state; a domain; reign, rule; predominance. রাজত্ব করা v. to reign, to rule, to govern; (fig.) to domineer, to dominate. রাজত্বকাল n. the time of one's reign, reign. দন্ড n. a sceptre; a punishment inflicted by a king or by a law-court; (astrol.) a visible vertical line on one's forehead indicating the possibility of one's becoming a king. ̃দত্ত a. given or conferred by a king or government. রাজদত্ত সম্মান a royal honour, a government honour, an official honour. ̃দম্পতি, ̃দম্পতী n. a royal couple. ̃দরবার same as ̃সভা । ̃দর্শন n. an interview with a king; a visit to a king, seeing or meeting a king. ̃দূত n. an ambassador (fem: an ambassadress); an envoy; a royal courier. ̃দ্বারে adv. before a king; in a royal court; in a court of justice. ̃দ্রোহ, ̃দ্রোহিতা n. a revolt against the king or established authority, insurrection, insurgence, high treason; sedition. ̃দ্রোহী a. insurgent; treasonous; seditious. n. an insurgent; a rebel against the king or established authority. fem. ̃দ্রোহিণী । ̃ধর্ম n. duties of a king, royal office. ̃ধানী n. the capital of a country or state; a metropolis. ̃নন্দন same as ̃কুমার fem. ̃নন্দিনী । ̃নামা n. the genealogical tree or chronology or a chronicle of a royal line or dynasty. ̃নীতি n. politics; statecraft; (loos.) diplomacy. ̃নীতিক a. political; (rare) diplomatic. n. a politician. ̃নীতিজ্ঞ a. versed in politics; (loos.) versed in statesmanship or diplomacy. রাজনীতিজ্ঞ ব্যক্তি a politician; a statesman; a diplomat. ̃নৈতিক pop. var. রাজনীতিক । ̃পট্ট n. the seat of a king, a throne; kingship; a royal or government charter; a kind of black jewel. ̃পথ n. a public thoroughfare, a highway; a main road (of a city). ̃পদ n. the office of a king, kingship. ̃পরিচ্ছদ n. royal robes. ̃পাট same as ̃পট্ট । ̃পুত্র same as ̃কুমার । fem. ̃পুত্রী । ̃পুরী n. the residence or palace of a king; the capital city of a king; (fig.) a magnificent building or city or residence. ̃পুরুষ n. a king's officer; a government officer. ̃প্রমুখ n. a government title given to the leading feudal chief of India, vested with powers similar to that of a governor. ̃প্রসাদ n. royal favour or grace; government favour. ̃প্রসাদ n. a royal residence, a palace. ̃বংশ same as ̃কুল । ̃বংশী n. a lowly Hindu caste chiefly of North Bengal; a member of this caste. ̃বংশীয় a. dynastic; born of a royal family, of royal blood. fem. ̃বংশীয়া । ̃বন্দি n. a political prisoner. ̃বাড়ি same as ̃প্রাসাদ । ̃বিধি n. a royal statute; a law. ̃বিপ্লব n. a political revolution; a coup d'état. ̃বেশ n. royal robes or attire. ̃বৈদ্য n. physician to a king or queen; a prince of physicians. ̃ভক্ত a. devoted to one's sovereign or state government, loyal. রাজভক্ত ব্যক্তি a loyalist. ̃তন্ত্রবাদী n. a royalist. ̃ভক্তি n. loyalty. ̃ভবন n. a king's residence or palace; a government house. ̃ভয় n. fear of being punished by a king or a court of justice. ̃ভাষা n. the king's language; the state language. ̃ভৃত্য n. a king's servant; a servant of a royal household; a king's officer or man. ̃ভোগ n. an article of food or a thing fit for a king; a sweet and juicy drop made of posset bigger than a রসগোল্লা । ̃ভোগ্য a. fit to be eaten or used or enjoyed by a king or a prince. ̃মজুর n. a mason's labourer, a hodman: (loos.) a mason. ̃মন্ত্রী n. a king's counsellor, a minister of state, a cabinet member. ̃মহিষী n. the chief queen of a king; queen-consort. ̃মাতা n. a king's mother; a queen-mother. ̃মার্গ same as ̃পথ । ̃মিস্ত্রি same as ̃মজুর । ̃মুকুট n. a royal crown or diadem; (fig.) kingship. ̃যোগ n. a system of yoga in which action predominates. ̃যোগ্য a. fit for a king, princely. ̃যোটক n. (astrol.) the most auspicious union of planets (as found in the horoscopes of the bride and the bridegroom); (fig.) the most suitable union; the most advantageous coincidence. ̃রক্ত n. royal blood. ̃রাজ n. a king of kings. ̃রাজড়া n. princes and princelings or princely persons; (usu. dero.) very important or wealthy or affluent persons. ̃রাজেশ্বর n. a king of kings, an emperor. fem. ̃রাজেশ্বরী an empress. ̃রানি same as ̃মহিষী । ̃র্ষি n. a king who leads an ascetical life, a royal ascetic or sage. ̃লক্ষ্মী n. the female deity safeguarding a kingdom and looking after its welfare. ̃শক্তি n. the administrative power of a king or government. ̃শয্যা, ̃শয়ন n. a king's bed, a royal bed; a princely bed; a magnificent bed. ̃শাসন n. a king's rule; punishment inflicted by a king. ̃শ্রী same as ̃লক্ষ্মী । ̃সংস্করণ n. a deluxe edition (of a book). ̃সদন same as ̃প্রাসাদ । ̃সন্নিধান n. royal presence; a royal court. ̃সভা n. a royal court, a court, a durbar. ̃সম্পদ n. royal treasure or riches, princely treasure or riches. ̃সরকার n. a monarch's government or court. ̃সাক্ষী n. (law) an approver. ̃সিংহাসন n. a throne; (fig.) kingship. ̃সূয় (যজ্ঞ) n. a sacrifice performed by a monarch in order to establish his suzerainty or supremacy over other kings. ̃সেবা n. attendance on a monarch; king's or queen's service; (rare) government service, public service. ̃স্ব n. tax or rent or revenue payable to a monarch or to the government, revenue. রাজস্বঘটিত, রাজস্ব-সংক্রান্ত a. fiscal, financial. রাজস্ব-পর্ষত্ n. the Board of Revenue. রাজস্বসচিব n. a finance minister, a finance member, a finance secretary. ̃হংস n. the gander; the swan. fem. ̃হংসী n. the goose (pl. geese). ̃হত্যা n. regicide. ̃হন্তা n. a regicide. fem. ̃হন্ত্রী । ̃হস্তী n. an elephant on which a monarch rides; an elephant fit to carry a monarch; an excellent elephant. fem. ̃হস্তিনী । ̃হাঁস coll. corrup. of রাজহংস । রাজহাঁসের বাচ্চা a gosling. 34)
(p. 944) śāsana subdual; rule; management (জমিদারি শাসন); government or administration (of a state); reign; control or repression (ইন্দ্রিয়শাসন); direction, dictation, enjoinment (শাস্ত্রের শাসন); an edict, a commandment (তাম্রশাসন), disciplining, chastisement, punishment (ছেলেকে শাসন); jurisdiction (শাসনাধীন). শাসন করা v. to subdue; to rule, to govern, to manage; to administer; to reign; to control or repress; to command; to discipline, to chastise, to chasten, to punish. শাসনে আনা v. to subdue; to subjugate; to bring under control; to bring into submission. কর্তা same as শাসক । fem. ̃কর্ত্রী । ̃কৃত্যক n. administrative service. ̃তন্ত্র n. a form of government; constitution (of a state) ̃তান্ত্রিক a. relating to the form of government; constitutional. ̃প্রণালী n. a system of government. ̃যন্ত্র n. government machinery. শাসনাধীন a. under rule (of); governed (by); under jurisdiction (of); politically dependent (on another state), under domination (of). শাসনিক a. administrative; governmental; jurisdictional. শাসনীয় same as শাস্য । 12)
(p. 972) sacētaka (in parliamentary politics) a whip. মুখ্য সচেতক chief whip. 9)
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