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(p. 396) jāḍ় a spell of cold weather, cold; chill; winter. 56)
(p. 480) dakṣiṇa the south; the right hand side, the right. a. southern, south; Antarctic; dexter, right (দক্ষিণ হস্ত); favourable, pleased, graceful (রুদ্রের দক্ষিণ মুখ); (rhet.) a gallant who can love several women equally at the same time. অয়নান্ত n. winter solstice. ̃কালিকা, দক্ষিণাকালী n. a manifestation of Goddess Kali (কালী). ̃পন্হী a. rightist. n. a rightist in politics. দক্ষিণ-পশ্চিম n. & a. south-west. □ a. south-western. দক্ষিণ-পূর্ব n. & a. south-east. □ a. southeastern. ̃মেরু n. the South Pole. ̃মেরু অঞ্চল the Antarctic. ̃হস্ত n. the right hand; (fig.) the principal support or helper, one's right-hand man. দক্ষিণহস্তের ব্যাপার the affair or business of taking one's meal, eating. 17)
(p. 481) dakṣiṇāẏana the winter solstice. দক্ষিণায়নবৃত্ত n. the Tropic of Capricorn. 8)
(p. 532) dhāna paddy, rice (আমন ধান); measure of weight (= nearly 1 grain). আউস ধান autumn rice. আমন ধান winter rice. বীজ ধান n. paddy-seed. ধান কাটা v. to reap or harvest paddy-crop. ধান কাঁড়া same as ধান ভানা । ধান কাড়ানো v. to plough a paddy-field in order to remove weeds. ধান ঝাড়া v. to thresh paddy. ধান দিয়ে লেখাপড়া শেখা (fig.) to spend little for one's education; (fig.) to receive indifferent or scant education. ধান নেড়ে দেওয়া v. to re-sow or transplant paddyshoots in well-arranged lines; to stir paddy when it is husked by a husking pedal. ধান বোনা v. to sow paddy-seeds. ধানভাঙা, ধানভানা v. to husk paddy. ধানভাঙা কল a husking machine. ধান ভানতে শিবের গীত (fig.) an irrelevant talk or digression (often a ludicrous one). ধান মাড়ানো v. to thresh or separate paddy (from straw by making cows walk upon it). ধান রোয়া v. to transplant paddy-shoots. কত ধানে কত চাল (fig.) actual state or correct information, knowledge of what comes out of what; (fig.) consequence. পাকা ধানে মই দেওয়া (fig.) to do (one) irreparable harm; (fig.) to blast one's hopes when they are about to be realized. ̃খেত same as ধানজমি । ̃গাছ n. a paddy-plant. ধানগাছের তক্তা (fig.) a plank of grass, an impossible thing. ̃চারা n. a paddy-shoot. ̃জমি n. a paddy-field, a paddy-land. ̃দুর্বা n. paddy-grains and grass (used as auspicious articles in blessing). 75)
বড়, বড়ো
(p. 717) baḍ়, baḍ়ō large, big; high, tall, lofty; long; lengthy; fat; loud; excessive; severe; magnanimous, great; respectable, noble; older; elder; eldest; senior in position; rich, aristocratic; most important, principal, chief; leading; eminent; highly contested. adv. very thoroughly (বড় মন্দ) int. denoting: slight contempt (চাকরি তো বড়); amazement (বড়ো যে এলে). বড়ো করা v. to make one flourish; to extol usu. unduly; to enlarge (as a photograph); to lengthen (as a story); to expand (রাজ্য বড়ো করা) to increase (নামযশ বড় করা); to magnify, to exaggerate (বড় করে দেখা বা বলা); to elevate or edify (চরিত্র বড়ো করা); to liberalize (মন বা হাত বড় করা); to make louder, to raise (গলা বড় করা); to dilate (চোখ বড় করা); to heighten (আশা বড় করা); to bring up (ছেলে বড়ো করা). বড় দেখানো v. to look large or big; to loom large; to magnify. বড় হওয়া v. to grow up; to come of age; to flourish; to be expanded; to be edified; to be liberalized; to be glorified (মুখ বড় হওয়া). বড় একটা না not much, not at all; hardly; rarely; seldom; once in a blue moon. বড় কথা the most important word, chief words; tall-talk. ̃কর্তা n. a master or head of a family; the chief or boss of an organization; a headman. ̃কুটুম্ব, ̃কুটুম n. a wife's brother, a brother-in-law. বড় খেলা a highly contested match; a big or important match; a great game. বড় গলা loud voice (বড় গলায় গান); proud or arrogant tone (বড় গলায় ঘোষণা). বড় গল্প a long story. বড় গাছে নৌকা বাঁধা (fig.) to resort to a great patron. বড় ঘর a large or spacious room; a hall; a high or aristocratic or noble family. বড় জোর at most, at best. বড় জ্বালা a great or severe affliction. বড় ঝড় a great or violent storm. ̃ত্ব n. seniority in age or position; greatness; magnanimity. বড় দরের লোক a man of high status. ̃দাদা (coll.) ̃দা n. the eldest brother. বড় দাম a high or exorbitant price. ̃দিদি (coll.) ̃দি n. fem. the eldest sister. ̃দিন n. (astr.) the winter solstice; (pop.) the Christmas Day. বড় দুঃখ deep or intense sorrow. বড় দুর্দিন terribly hard times. বড় পেট a large belly; voracious appetite; (fig.) exorbitant demand or tremendous greed. বড় বড় বানরের বড় বড় পেট (fig.) the more one has, the more one demands; the wealthier a man, the greater is his demand. বড় বই an enormous book, a fat volume; (fig.) magnum opus. বড় বংশ a high or respectable or noble family. ̃বাবু n. a head clerk; the seniormost male member of a family. বড় বোন n. fem. an elder sister, the eldest sister. বড় ব্যাপার a great affair. বড় ভাই n. an elder brother, a big brother, the eldest brother. বড় মোকদ্দমা a big or leading case. বড় মজা a great fun. বড় মন a magnanimous heart; a high mind; a master mind; an optimistic outlook. ̃মানষি n. ostentatious display or wealthiness or riches. ̃মানুষ n. a rich man; a great man. বড় মুখ elated or proud in speech (বড় মুখে বলা); nourishing a great hope (বড় মুখ দিয়ে আসা); dignified countenance; prestige; renown. বড় মুখ ছোট হওয়া to feel disgraced; to be put out of countenance. ̃রানি n. the chief queen (of a king who has several wives). বড় লড়াই a hard fight; a great battle. ̃লাট see লাট2 । ̃লোক same as বড়মানুষ । বড়লোকি same as বড়মানষি । বড় শরিক the senior partner of an estate. বড় শিকার a big game; big game hunting. বড় শীত severe cold. বড় সাহেব n. the senior partner of a firm; the boss of an office. বড় হাজরি see হাজরি । 2)
(p. 828) makara a mythological aquatic animal; (astrol.) the Capricorn. ̃কেতন ̃কেতু n. the Hindu God of love whose flag bears the symbol of the mythological makar (মকর). ̃ক্রান্তি n. the winter solstice. ক্রান্তিবৃত্ত n. the tropic of Capricorn. ̃ধ্বজ n. a medicinal sublimate of mercury, sulphur and gold. ̃বাহিনী a. fem. riding on the mythological makar (মকর). n. Goddess Ganga (গঙ্গা). ̃মন্ডল n. the tropic of Capricorn. ̃রাশি n. (astrol.) the Capricorn. ̃সংক্রান্তি n. (astr.) the transition of the sun from the Sagittarius to the Capricornus; (pop.) the winter solstice. 9)
মরশুম, মরসুম
(p. 839) maraśuma, marasuma a season; the time of the year for anything, a tide; opportune time of some continuance. পূজার মরশুম the Puja season. বড়দিনের মরশুম Christmas-tide. শীতের মরশুম the winter season, winter-time. মরশুমি a. seasonal. মরশুমিফুল a season flower. 63)
(p. 949) śīta winter; cold, chill; feeling of chilliness or cold. a. cold; cool; fit for winter (শীতবস্ত্র). শীত করা, শীত ধরা, শীত লাগা v. to feel cold; to shiver with cold. শীত কাটানো v. to winter. শীতে কাঁপা v. to shiver with cold. শীত কেটেছে to be relieved of the sensation of cold, winter is at an end. শীত পড়েছে winter has set in. আজ শীত পড়েছে it is cold today. ̃কাঁটা n. goose-flesh caused by (sudden) sensation of cold. ̃কাতরতা n. over-sensitiveness to cold; affliction caused by cold. ̃কাতুরে a. over-sensitive to cold. ̃কাল n. the winter season, wintertime, winter, cold weather. ̃কালীন a. of winter, winter, wintry. ̃ক n. a refrigerator. ̃তাপনিয়ন্ত্রিত a. air-conditioned. ̃ন n. refrigeration. ̃প্রধান a. characterized by predominance of cold. ̃প্রধান দেশ a cold country. ̃বস্ত্র n. warm clothes; winter garment; woollen clothes. 6)
(p. 949) śītāgama advent of cold or winter. 9)
(p. 949) śītātapa winter and summer; cold and heat. ̃নিয়ন্ত্রিত a. air-conditioned. 11)
(p. 961) ṣaḍ়ṛtu the six seasons, namely, summer, the rains, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. 4)
(p. 1056) hima winter; snow; frost; dew; coldness, the cold; chill. a. cold; cool. হিম পড়ছে v. dew is collecting. ̃ঋতু n. winter, (cp.) cold weather. ̃গিরি n. the Himalayas. ̃ঘর n. a cold store; cold storage. ̃ঝঞ্ঝা n. a hail-storm; a blizzard. ̃নিবারণ করা v. to ward off or prevent cold. ̃বাহ n. a glacier. ̃মন্ডল n. (geog.) either of the frigid zones, a frigid zone. ̃মিশ্র n. freezing mixture. ̃রেখা n. the snow-line. ̃শিলা n. hailstone; an iceberg. ̃শীতল a. frigid; icy; ice-cold. ̃শৈল n. an iceberg. ̃সংহনন n. glaciation. ̃সাগর n. a superior quality of mango; a kind of brain cooling medicinal oil. হিমাংশু n. the moon. হিমাগম n. advent of the cold season or of winter. হিমাঙ্ক n. freezing point. হিমাঙ্গ n. a body bereft of blood-heat (that is, in a state of collapse); a frozen body; a lifeless body. a. having any one of the aforesaid bodies. হিমাচল, হিমাদ্রি n. the Himalayas. হিমানি n. a collection or mass of snow or hoar frost; snow-ice; (loos.) ice. হিমায়ক n. a refrigerator. হিমায়ন n. refrigeration. হিমায়িত a. refrigerated. হিমায়িত করা v. to refrigerate. হিমালয় n. the Himalayas. হিমেল a. cold; very cold. 46)
(p. 1060) hēmanta the season occurring between autumn and winter comprising the months of Kartik (কার্তিক) and Agrahayana (অগ্রহায়ন). 68)
(p. 1060) haima1 relating to the cold season or winter; cold; wintry. 83)
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