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wayward; দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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(p. 56) abādhya (ori.) irresistible, inevitable; obstinantely disobedient, refractory, recalcitrant; untoward, indocile, unruly; unyielding; unmanageable; uncontrollable; turbulent; obstinate, wayward; untamed. ̃তা n. disobedience, recalcitrance; untowardness; indocility; obstinacy, waywardness. 60)
(p. 143) ucchṛṅkhala disorderly; not disciplined; self-willed, wayward; uncontrolled, unregulated; lawless, dissolute, wild; Bohemian. উচ্ছৃঙ্খলতা n. disorderliness; indiscipline; waywardness; want of control or regularity; lawlessness; dissoluteness; Bohemianism. 50)
(p. 150) udāma uncontrollable, indomitable; violent; unrestrained; unbounded; free; open; reckless; wayward; uncovered, bare; naked; very naughty. 101)
(p. 150) uddāma indomitable; uncontrollable, intractable; violent; lacking in discipline; impetuous; unrestrained, unbounded, uncontrolled; self-willed, wayward; reckless. ̃তা n. indomitableness; violence; indiscipline; impetuosity; lack of restraint or control, intractableness; waywardness; recklessness.
(p. 178) ēka one. n. & pro. one or single person or individual (দেশোদ্ধার একের কাজ নয়). □ a. only one; a certain (একসময়); completely full or filled or packed or covered (একবাড়ি লোক, একমুখ দাড়ি); same, one and the same (এক মায়ের সন্তান); united ('যত ভাই বোন এক হউক '); amalgamated; joined (দুই হাত এক করা); mixed (চালেডালে এক করা); one and only one (ঈশ্বর এক ও অভিন্ন); one of a number, a (রবীন্দ্রনাথ বিশ্বের এক শ্রেষ্ঠ কবি); unchanging, fixed (সেই এক গোঁ, ভদ্রলোকের এক কথা); concentrated ((একমনে). ̃আধ a. a few; sparse; scanty; rare. এক আঁচড়ে see আঁচড় । একই a. same; very same, one and the same. এক-এক a. some, one by one (এক-এক করে), certain (এক-এক দিন). একক a. alone, unaccompanied. n. the first figure from the right of an arithmetical number; (math.) a unit. এককড়া see কড়া । ̃কণা n. very little, a very small amount. ̃কথায় in a word. ̃কলমী n. a columnist who writes only one column of a newspaper. ̃কাটা, ̃কাট্টা pop. var. of একাট্টা । ̃কালীন a. done or to be done only once, given or to be given only once, at a time; simultaneous; contemporary. এককালীন অনুদান a lump grant, non-recurring grant. ̃কালে adv. at one time, once upon a time; at one and the same time, simultaneously. ̃কাঁড়ি a. a lot of, a heap of. ̃কেন্দ্রিক, ̃কেন্দ্রী, ̃কেন্দ্রীয় a. concentric. ̃গঙ্গা a. filled or full to the brim, full, replete (একগঙ্গা জল). ̃গর্ভপত্রী n. monocarpellary. ̃গলা a. up to the throat or chin. ̃-গা a. covering the whole of the body (এক-গা গয়না, এক-গা খোস). ̃গাদা a. a heap of; a great number or collection of (একগাদা লোক). ̃গাল a. a mouthful of. n. a mouthful. ̃গুঁয়ে a. obstinate, obdurate, stubborn; wilful, wayward; disobedient, indocile; indomitable. ̃গুঁয়েমি n. obstinacy; wilfulness, waywardness; disobedience, indocility, stubbornness, indomitableness. ̃ঘরে a. ostracized; cast out of society. একঘরে ব্যক্তি an outcast. ̃ঘাত a. linear. ̃ঘাত সমীকরণ a linear equation. ̃ঘেয়ে a. monotonous; hackneyed. ̃ঘেয়েমি n. monotony; hackneyedness. ̃চত্বারিংশ a. forty-first. ̃চত্বারিংশত্ a. & n. forty-one. ˜চত্বারিংশত্তম a. forty-first. fem. ̃চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ̃চর a. moving alone (cp. segregarious); shunning company. ̃চল্লিশ a. & n. forty-one. ˜চালা a. having only one slanting roof. n. such a hut or shed. ̃চিত্ত a. absorbedly attentive, intent, concentrated. ̃চুল a. hairbreadth, very slight, negligible (একচুল ব্যবধান), adv. in the least. ̃চেটিয়া (coll.) ̃চেটে a. monopolistic. একচেটিয়া অধিকার monopoly. ̃চোখো a. one-eyed, single-eyed; looking in one direction only; partial; prejudiced, biased; preferential. ̃চোখোমি n. partiality; prejudice; bias; preferential treatment. ̃চোট adv. enough or too much at a stroke or at one time. ̃চোটে adv. without break or respite (একচোটে বলা বা করা); with one stroke or attempt (একচোটে জিতে নেওয়া); simultaneously (একচোটে সবাইকে বকা). ̃চ্ছত্র a. paramount, sovereign; brought under one rule ('একচ্ছত্র করিবে ধরণী'). ̃ছুটে adv. at a single run. ̃জাই adv. repeatedly, over and over again, incessantly, continuously, without stop (একজাই বলা). a. united; assembled, collected. n. sum total (বাত্সরিক আয়ব্যয়ের একজাই). একজাই করা v. to unite; to assemble, to collect. ̃জিদ্দি a. same as একগুঁয়ে । ̃জোট a. united; assembled. ̃জোটে adv. in a body, in concert, unitedly. ̃জ্বরি n. remittent fever. a. suffering from remittent fever. ̃টা, ̃টি a. one; only one, not more than one; one particular (একটা পরামর্শ আছে) n. pro. any one (একটা হলেই হল). একটা-কিছু, একটা-কোনো a. existent but not known or determinate, some (একটা-কিছু খুঁত আছে). pro. & n. something (একটা-কিছু চাই). একটাদুটো a. only a few, of a negligible number. ˜টানা a. pointed or moving in one direction only; continually onward; continuous, continual; incessant, nonstop (একটানা বৃষ্টি); monotonous. adv. in one direction only; continually onward; continuously; continually; incessantly, without break; monotonously. একটি মাত্র a. only one; one and one only. ̃টু, ̃টুকু a. & adv. only a little; just a little; a little. একটু একটু করে adv. little by little, bit by bit; slowly but gradually. ̃টেরে a. curved a little; leaning to one side, slanting; (of judgment etc.) one-sided, partial, ex parte. a. & adv. lying apart; keeping aloof. ̃তন্ত্রী a. (of musical instruments) one stringed; unanimous; under one and the same rule. n. a one-stringed musical instrument, a monochord. ̃তম a. (super.) one of or amongst more than two. ̃তর a. (compar.) one of two, either. ̃তরফা a. ex parte; partial; onesided. ̃তলা n. the ground floor (of a building or a multi-decked vehicle). a. one-storeyed; one-decked, singledecked. একতলা গাড়ি a single decker. ̃তলীয় a. coplanar. ̃তান n. a harmonious note; harmony; concert. a. harmonious; concerted; closely attentive, concentrated. ̃তানমনা a. closely attentive, rapt in attention; intent. ̃তারা n. a variety of monochord (chiefly used by the Vaishnaya singers). ̃তালা1 var. of একতলা । ̃তালা2 ̃তাল n. an Indian musical measure. ̃তিল see তিল । ̃ত্রিংশ a. thirty-first. ̃ত্রিংশত্ a & n. thirty-one. ˜ত্রিংশত্তম a. thirty-first. fem. ̃ত্রিংশত্তমী । ̃ত্রিশ a. & n. thirty-one. ˜দন্ত a. having but one tooth, one-toothed, singletoothed. ̃দম adv. at all; in the least; completely, thoroughly, utterly. ̃দমে adv. in one breath; without stop. ̃দল a. monocotyledonous. ̃দিন adv. one day, someday; one day or other (একদিন না একদিন); once, once upon a time; at one time in the past; in the past. n. a glorious time or period (esp. one that has passed away). একদিন অন্তর একদিন every other day, every alternate day. ̃দৃষ্টি, (poet.) ̃দিঠি a. looking fixedly, gazing. ̃দৃষ্টে adv. with a fixed look, gazingly. ̃দেশ n. a part or portion or division (esp. of a country); a region. ̃দেশদর্শিতা n. act of viewing partially; partiality; narrow-mindedness, illiberality; bias; prejudice; want of foresight. ̃দেশদর্শী a. viewing partially; partial; narrow-minded, illiberal; biased; prejudiced; lacking in foresight. ̃দেশীয় a. of or living in the same country. ̃দৌড়ে adv. at a run. ̃ধাতুমান n. (econ.) monometallism. ̃নবতি a. & n. ninety-one. ˜নবতিতম a. ninety-first. fem. ̃নবতিতমী ।̃নলা, ̃নলি a. (chiefly of a gun) single-barrelled, onebarrelled. ̃নাগাড়ে adv. at a stretch, continuously. নায়ক n. (pol.) an autoccrat or a dictator. ̃নায়কতন্ত্র n. autocracy or dictatorship. ̃নায়কতান্ত্রিক a. autocratic or dictatorial. ̃নিষ্ঠ a. devoted to or engaged in only one thing, singleminded or single-acting; absorbedly attentive, intent. fem. ̃নিষ্ঠা । ̃নিষ্ঠতা n. devotion to or engagement in only one thing, single-mindedness. এক পক্ষে adv. viewing from one angle; in a way; somewhat. ̃পঞ্চাশ, ̃পঞ্চাশত্ a. & n. fifty-one. ˜পঞ্চাশত্তম a. fifty-first. fem. একপঞ্চাশত্তমী । একপত্নীক a. mas. having one wife (at a time), monogamous. ̃পদীকরণ n. (gr.) unification of several words into a compound word, formation of a compound word. ̃পাটি n. one of a pair; one set of (teeth). ̃পাদ n. a fourth part, a quarter. a. one-fourth. ̃পার্শ্বিক, ̃পার্শ্বীয় a. one-sided; partial; (bot.) unilateral. ̃পেট n. a bellyful, one's fill. a. bellyful of. adv. to one's fill. ̃পেশে a. leaning or stooping to one side; aslant; one-sided; partial. ̃প্রকার adv. of a sort, in a way, somewhat. a. of a type; of some sort or other. ̃প্রতিসম a. zygomorphic. ̃প্রস্হ a. severe; sufficient, of considerable amount. ̃প্রাণ a. inseparably united. ̃বংশীয়, ̃বংশোদ্ভব a. descended from the same ancestor, consanguine, consanguineous. একবগ্গা coll. corrup. of একবর্গা । ̃বচন see বচন ।̃বর্গা a. obstinate; stubborn, dogged. ̃বয়সী a. of the same age. ̃বর্ণ see বর্ণ । ̃বস্ত্র a. wearing only a single piece of cloth. ̃বস্ত্রে adv. wearing only a single piece of cloth and taking nothing along. ̃বাক্যে adv. with one voice; with one accord, unanimously. ̃বার n. one time. adv. at one time; once. একবারে adv. at a time; at a stroke; thoroughly. ̃বাস same as একবস্ত্র । ̃বিংশ a. twenty-first. ̃বিংশতি a. & n. twenty-one. ˜বিংশতিতম a. twenty-first. fem. ̃বিংশতিতমী । ̃বীজপত্রী a. (bot.) monocotyledonous. ̃বুক a. chest-high; breast-deep. ̃ভাব n. uniformity of state or quality or disposition. ̃ভাবাপন্ন a. uniform in state or quality or disposition; of one mind. ̃ভাবে adv. uniformly; in the same way; without change, unchangingly. ̃ভিতে adv. in one direction; to one side; apart. ̃মত, ̃মতাবলম্বী a. holding the same opinion; agreed; unanimous; holding the same religious faith. ̃মনা a. absorbed; single-minded. ̃মনে with rapt attention; single-mindedly. ̃মাতৃক a. born of one and the same mother, uterine. ̃মাত্র a. only ̃মাত্রা n. one dose; one musical or metrical syllable. ̃মুখীকরণ n. (phys.) rectification. ̃মুখো a. having one direction, one way. ̃মুষ্টি a. a handful of. ̃মেটে, ̃মেটিয়া a. (esp. of a mould or cast or an idol) primed; rough-cast; (fig.) rough-wrought. একমেটে করা v. to prime; to rough-cast; (fig.) to do in a preliminary manner, to rough out. ̃যোগে adv. in a body; unitedly. ̃রকম a. of the same kind, type, nature, appearance etc.; same; similar. adv. in a way, of a sort, somewhat, moderately; on the whole, somehow. ̃রতি, ̃রত্তি a. (lit.) amounting to a rati (রতি1) or .121 grams or 1.875 grains; only a little, a bit of; very small, tiny. ̃রব, ̃রা n. one voice. ̃রূপ same as একরকম । ̃রেখীয় a. (geom.) collinear. ̃রোখা a. obstinate; self-willed, wilful; hot-tempered, quick-tempered, irascible; having designs on one side only (একরোখা চাদর). ̃লহমা n. an instant, a moment; jiffy. ̃লহমায় adv. in an instant, in a moment, in a jiffy. ̃লিঙ্গ n. Shiva (শিব). a. unisexual; (bot.) declinous. ̃লিঙ্গতা n. unisexuality; (bot.) declinism. ̃শিরা n. hydrocele; orchitis. ̃শিরাল a. unicostate. ̃শিলা a. monolithic. ̃শেষ n. excessiveness, overmuchness; (gr.) a system of forming compound words in which only one word is chosen from amongst a group and is modified to represent the whole group. কষ্টের একশেষ trouble beyond measure. নাকালের একশেষ harassed beyond measure. ̃ষট্টি, ̃ষষ্টি a. & n. sixty-one. ˜ষষ্টিতম a. sixty-first, fem. একষষ্টিতমী । ̃সঙ্গে a. in a body, all together; at the same time, simultaneously. ̃সপ্ততি a. & n. seventy-one. ˜সপ্ততিতম a. seventy-first. fem. একসপ্ততিতমী । ̃সূত্রে adv. in one string. ̃স্হানে adv. in or at the same place; in a certain place, somewhere. ̃হাঁটু a. knee-deep. ̃হাত a. measuring one cubit. adv. enough for one time. একহাত নেওয়া v. to pay one out or back, to retaliate; to teach one a lesson. ̃হারা a. slim; of a delicate structure. 14)
(p. 285) khēn̐caḍ়ā wayward, indocile, obstinate; unmannerly, ill-mannered. 7)
(p. 320) gōkula a herd of cows (and also of oxen); a cowhouse; a grazing ground for cows and oxen, a pasture or pasturage; a village of India originally inhabited by milkmen ('তোমারে বধিবে যে, গোকুলে বাড়িছে সে'). গোকুলের ষাঁড় (ridi.) a wayward or wilful man, a self-willed person. 7)
(p. 462) tughalaki wayward or whimsical ways and activities (like those of Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq). a. wayward and whimsical. 25)
(p. 481) dajjāla (usu. of a woman) hot-tempered, querulous and overbearing, refractory; wayward; wicked; choleric; (dero.) uncontrollable. 16)
(p. 532) dharma religion, faith, creed; piety, virtue (অহিংসা পরম ধর্ম); scriptural laws or directions (ধর্মসম্মত); a form of worship (তান্ত্রিক ধর্ম); theology (ধর্মগ্রন্হ); natural quality or behaviour or disposition, property or function (মানবধর্ম, কালধর্ম, আগুনের ধর্ম); virtuousness, righteousness, morality (ধর্মহীন আচরণ); law (ধর্মপত্নী); justice (ধর্মাধিকরণ); holiness, sacredness (ধর্মের সংসারে পাপ); Yama (যম) the god of piety and death; a popular god of Bengal (ধর্মঠাকুর); chastity (স্ত্রীলোকের ধর্মনাশ); (astrol.) the ninth house from the house of birth in the zodiac. ধর্মে সওয়া v. (of a sin, misdeed etc.) to be tolerated by God or the Divine Judge. ধর্মের কল বাতাসে নড়ে, ধর্মের ঢাক আপনি বাজে (fig.) truth cannot be kept concealed, truth must come out; the irrevocable rod of Nemesis is sure to strike in course of time. ধর্মের ষাঁড় (fig.) a wildly wayward man allowed to move scotfree. ধর্মের সংসার a family practising virtue, a pious family. ধর্ম-অর্থ-কাম-মোক্ষ n the four principal aims of human life; piety, wealth, love or fulfilment of desire, and salvation of the soul. ̃কন্যা n. fem. one solemnly accepted as a daughter by a person other than one's parents; (loos.) a god-daughter. ধর্ম-কর্ম, ̃কার্য n. religious practices (esp. as enjoined by scriptures). ̃কাম a. desirous of attaining virtue through religious practices. ̃কৃত্য, ̃ক্রিয়া same as ধর্মকর্ম । ̃ক্ষেত্র n. a holy or consecrated place, a place of pilgrimage. ̃গত a. pious, virtuous; concerning or pertaining to religion, religious. ̃গতপ্রাণ a. having one's life devoted to religion or piety; very religious-minded; profoundly or deeply pious. ̃গ্রন্হ n. a holy book or text, a scripture; a religious book; a theological treatise. ̃ঘট n. (ori.) a religious practice consisting in giving away pitchers filled with holy water; (pol. & pop.) cessation of work as a means of putting pressure on employers, a strike. ধর্মঘটকালীন ভাতা strike-pay. ধর্মঘটী n. (pol.) a striker. ˜চক্র n. the four laws or directives of Buddha conducive to attaining final salvation. ̃চর্চা n. religious discussion or practice. ̃চর্যা n. observance of religious rules and rites, religious practice; practice of virtue. ̃চারী a. observant of religious rules and rites, devoted to religious practices; virtuous, pious. ̃চিন্তা n. religious meditation; spiritual meditation; theological meditation; theology. ̃চ্যুত same as ধর্মভ্রষ্টা । ̃জ a. legitimately born. ̃জিজ্ঞাসা n. religious inquiry; spiritual inquiry. ̃জিজ্ঞাসু a. seeking after or inquisitive about religious or spiritual truths. ̃জীবন n. religious or spiritual life; pious or virtuous life; ecclesiastical life. ̃জ্ঞ a. conversant with religious rules and duties; conversant with religion; pious, virtuous, religious. ̃জ্ঞান n. religious knowledge; religious-mindedness; deep sense of piety. ̃ঠাকুর n. a popular god of Bengal named Dharma (ধর্ম). ̃তা adv. in the eye of righteousness or piety; according to or conforming to righteousness, piously. ̃তত্ত্ব n the mysteries of religion; theology; theosophy, a religious doctrine. ̃তত্ত্ববিদ n. one conversant with the mysteries of religion; a theologian; one conversant with a religious doctrine. ̃তত্ত্বীয় a. concerning the mysteries of religion, religious; theological; concerning a religious doctrine. ̃ত্যাগ n. abandonment of one's religion, adoption of another religion, apostasy. ধর্মত্যাগ করা v. to abandon one's religion, to adopt another religion. n. an apostate, a renegade. ̃দ্বেষী, ̃দ্রোহী a. revolting against or hostile to religion; irreligious; impious; ungodly. fem. ধর্মদ্বেষিণী, ধর্মদ্রোহিণী । ̃দ্রোহ, ̃দ্রোহিতা n. revolt against or hostility towards religion; irreligion; impiety; ungodliness. ̃ধ্বজী a. simulating piety or virtuousness; sanctimonious; hypocritical. n. one simulating piety or virtuousness, a religious imposter. ̃নাশ n. ravishment of a woman's chastity, rape; profanation or defilement of one's religion or idol. ধর্মনাশ করা v. to ravish or outrage one's chastity, to rape; to profane or defile one's religion or idol. ̃নিন্দা n. disparagement of religion; blasphemy. ধর্মের নিন্দা করা v. to disparage religion; to blaspheme. ̃নিরপেক্ষ a. irrespective of creed (ধর্মনিরপেক্ষ বিচার); secular (ধর্মনিরপেক্ষ রাষ্ট্র). ̃নির্দিষ্ট a. enjoined by religion; enjoined by scriptures, scriptural. ̃নিষ্ঠ a. devoted to religion or religious practices; pious, virtuous, righteous. ̃নিষ্ঠা n. devotion to religion or religious practices; piety, virtuousness, righteousness. ̃নীতি n. a religious principle or principles; a principle or principles of virtue; a moral principle or principles; ethics. ̃পত্নী n. a lawful wife; a lawfully married wife. ̃পথ n. the path of virtue or piety. ধর্মপথে থাকা v. to follow the path of virtue or piety, to practise virtue or piety; to walk in the presence of God. ̃পর, ̃পরায়ণ same as ধর্মনিষ্ঠ । ̃পাল n. a defender of religion; (Christ.) a bishop. ̃পালক n. one who observes religious rites and practices; a defender of religion or faith. ̃পালন n. observance of religious rites and practices; defence of religion. ̃পিতা n. one solemnly accepted as father by a person other than one's children; (loos.) a godfather. ̃পিপাসা n. a strong desire for learning religious truths, thirst for religion. ̃পিপাসু a. desirous of learning religious truths, thirsty of religion. ̃পুত্র, (coll. corrup.) ̃পুত্তুর n. (loos.) a godson; a son of Yama (যম) the god of piety; an appellation of Yudhisthira of the Mahabharata; (sarcas.) one who poses to be a profoundly pious or truthful man; sanctimonious. ধর্মপুত্র যুধিষ্ঠির (sarcas.) a profoundly pious or truthful man, a sanctimonious person. ̃পুস্তক same as ধর্মগ্রন্হ । ̃প্রচার n. preaching of religion; religious preaching or propaganda; evangelization; evangelism. ধর্মপ্রচার করা v. to preach religion; to evangelize. ̃প্রচারক a. preaching religion; evangelizing. n. a religious preacher; an evangelist. ̃প্রধান a. chiefly guided by religion or religious principles; religious-minded, devout. ̃প্রবক্তা n. a prophet. ̃প্রবণ a. having propensity towards religion; religiousminded. ̃প্রবনতা n. leaning towards religion; religious-mindednesss. ̃প্রবর্তক n. the founder of a religion. ̃প্রাণ a. counting or regarding religion as precious as one's life; profoundly devout. ̃প্রাণতা n. act of counting religion as precious as one's life; profound devoutness. ̃বন্ধন n. the bond of religion; a sacred or solemn bond or tie; the holy bondage of being members of the same religious community. ̃বন্ধু n. a friend or servant of religion; a friend or helper in religious matters. ̃বল n. force of piety or virtuousness. ̃বাণী n. a word or teaching of religion; a holy word; an evangel, a gospel. ̃বিধান, ̃বিধি n. a religious law or rule; a sacred law; a scriptural injunction or prescription. ̃বিপ্লব n. a revolution in the world of religion; a great religious change, a religious revolution. ̃বিরুদ্ধ, ̃বিরোধী a. hostile to religion or piety; irreligious or impious, ungodly. ̃বিশ্বাস n. a religious faith, a creed; faith in religion. ̃বিশ্বাসী a. having faith in a particular religion or creed; following a particular creed; having faith in religion; virtuous, pious, godly. ̃বুদ্ধি n. virtuous or pious or just thought or intention; conscientiousness, conscionableness; good conscience. ̃বৃদ্ধ n. a religious or ecclesiastical elder; a member of a priesthood, a father. ̃ভয় n. fear of God; religious qualm. ̃ভগিনী n. one solemnly accepted as a sister by a person other than one's brother or sister; a female disciple of the same teacher; a member of a sisterhood, a nun, a sister. ̃ভাই coll. form of ধর্মভ্রাতা । ̃ভীরু a. God-fearing. ̃ভীরুতা n. God-fearing conduct or nature. ̃ভ্রষ্ট a. gone astray from the religious or righteous course; fallen from one's religious belief. ̃ভ্রাতা n. one solemnly accepted as a brother by a person other than one's brother or sister; a disciple of the same teacher or preceptor; a member of a brotherhood or sect or faith; a brother. ̃মঙ্গল n. a long poem narrating the glory of Dharmathakur (ধর্মঠাকুর). ̃মত n. a religious tenet or doctrine. ̃মন্দির n. a house of worship, a temple, a shrine. ̃ময় a. full of piety; devout or pious. ̃মা, ̃মাতা n. one solemnly accepted as mother by a person other than one's child. ̃মূলক a. concerning religion, religious. ̃যাজক n. an ecclesiastic; a clergyman; a priest. ̃যুদ্ধ n. a war for the cause of religion, (cp.) a crusade, a holy war. ̃যোদ্ধা n. one fighting for the cause of religion, (cp.) a crusader; a holy warrior. ̃রক্ষা n. defence of religion; preservation of one's religion or piety; preservation of chastity (স্ত্রীলোকের ধর্মরক্ষা). ̃রাজ n. the lord of justice; an appellation of Yudhisthira of the Mahabharata or that of Yama (যম) or Dharmathakur (ধর্মঠাকুর) or Buddha. ̃রাজ্য n. a state or kingdom administered with scrupulous justice, a realm of justice; a state or kingdom founded on religion or piety, a holy state. ̃রাষ্ট্র n. a theocratic state. ̃লক্ষণ n. any one of the (ten) characteristic signs of piety or virtuousness. ̃লোপ n. destruction or extinction of religion or piety; profanation of one's religion; ravishment of (a woman's) chastity. ̃শালা n. a guesthouse where pilgrims and travellers are accommodated temporarily at a low cost or free of cost; (ori.) a court of justice. ̃শাসন n. a religious or scriptural edict; administration of justice; lawful judgment; rule of the ecclesiastics, theocracy. ̃শাস্ত্র n. scripture. ̃শাস্ত্রব্যবসায়ী n. a dealer in religious books and scriptures; an expounder and teacher of scriptures, a scribe. ̃শাস্ত্রানুমত a. conforming to or as prescribed by scriptures. ̃শিক্ষক n. a religious teacher or preceptor. ̃শিক্ষা n. religious education or teaching. ̃শীল a. pious, virtuous. ̃সংস্কার n. religious reformation; a holy sacrament. ̃সংস্কারক n. a religious reformer. ̃সংস্হাপন n. introduction or founding of a religion; firm establishment of a religion; rejuvenation or reinforcement or restoration of a religion. ̃সংহিতা n. a religious code, a book of holy laws. ̃সংগত same as ধর্মসম্মত । ̃সংগীত n. a devotional song or hymn, a psalm. ̃সভা n. a religious gathering or congress or convention or congregation or society. ̃সম্প্রদায় n. a religious community, a religious group or sect. ̃সম্মত a. conforming to the rules and prescription of religion or piety; pious, virtuous; rightful; just. ̃সাক্ষী a. having or claiming the god of piety as witness. n. an oath in the name of the god of piety. ধর্মসাক্ষী করে বলা to take an oath in the name of God, to take a solemn oath. ̃সাধন n. practice of virtue or religion. ̃হানি same as ধর্মনাশ । ̃হীন a. godless, ungodly, irreligious, impious; blasphemous. ̃হীনতা n. ungodliness; impiety. 17)
(p. 542) dhiṅgi wayward, self-willed, undisciplined, unruly, romping, unmannerly, immodest. ধিঙ্গি মেয়ে a wayward or somewhat wild or romping or unmannerly or immodest girl; a tomboy. 5)
(p. 580) niraṅkuśa unpreventable; inevitable; unhindered; unattached; free from ties of attachment; dispassionate; wayward, wilful. নিরঙ্কুশ গরিষ্ঠতা absolute majority. 9)
(p. 767) biśṛṅkhala disorderly, confused, undisciplined; wayward, wild. বিশৃঙ্খল করা v. to disorder, to throw into confusion, to make a mess (of). ̃তা, বিশৃঙ্খলা n. disorderliness, disorder, confusion; indiscipline; waywardness, wildness. 112)
(p. 786) bētālā (of music) failing in measure, (of a musician) failing to maintain measure; (fig.) upset; confounded; confusing (বেতালা অবস্হা); (fig.) wayward or outlandish (বেতালা লোক). 11)
(p. 789) bēlēllā wayward; boisterous; shameless, brazen-faced; lascivious, dissolute; rowdy. ̃গিরি, ̃পনা n. waywardness; boisterousness; lasciviousness; rowdyism. 14)
(p. 831) mati1 intelligence, intellect; mentality; memory; attention; devotion; inclination, propensity; desire. ̃গতি n. intentions and activities; card up one's sleeve. ̃চ্ছন্ন a. evil-minded, wicked; froward; wayward; foolish; out of one's mind, not in one's right mind. n. loss of good judgment; evilmindedness; wickedness; frowardness; waywardness; a folly. ̃ভ্রংশ, ̃ভ্রম, ̃ভ্রান্তি n. loss of memory; loss of intellect or judgment; a lapse of judgment; an aberration; a mistake, an error; delusion. ̃ভ্রষ্ট, ̃ভ্রান্ত a. demented; bereft of one's intellect or judgment; off one's head; forgetful, oblivious; committing a mistake or error, erring; deluded. ̃মত্তা n. sagacity, wisdom; intelligence; discreetness. ̃মান a. sagacious, wise; intelligent; discreet. ̃স্হিরতা, ̃স্হৈর্য n. firmness of mind or resolve; mental equipoise. ̃হীন a. same as ̃চ্ছন্ন (a.). and—lacking in attention or devotion or inclination or intention. 26)
(p. 890) yā-tā any indefinite thing bad or undersirable (যা-তা বলা). a. inferior, worthless (যা-তা কাপড়); messed up, messy (যা-তা অবস্হা); whimsical or wayward (যা-তা চিন্তা). 24)
(p. 1038) sbēcchā one's own will, volition; free will; self-will. ̃কৃত a. voluntarily or wilfully done, voluntary, wilful. ̃ক্রমে adv. of one's own accord, voluntarily, wilfully; willingly. ̃চার, ̃চারিতা n. wilfulness, self-will; waywardness, wantonness. ̃চারী a. wilful, selfwilled; wayward, wanton. fem. ̃চারিণী । স্বেচ্ছাধীন, স্বেচ্ছানুবর্তী a. subject to one's free will (স্বেচ্ছাধীন কাজ); wilful, selfwilled; wayward. (স্বেচ্ছাধীন ব্যক্তি). fem. স্বেচ্ছাধীনা, স্বেচ্ছানুবর্তিনী । স্বেচ্ছানুবর্তিতা same as স্বেচ্ছাচার । ̃পূর্বক same as স্বেচ্ছাক্রমে । ̃প্রণোদিত a. actuated or prompted by one's own will; wilful, deliberate. ̃প্রদত্ত a. voluntarily given. ̃প্রবৃত্ত a. employed by one's own will. ̃মৃত্যু n. (myth.) dying whenever one pleases to die; (pop.) voluntary or deliberate courting of death. ̃সেবক n. a volunteer. fem. ̃সেবক, (pop.) ̃সেবিকা । 45)
(p. 1038) sbaira act of doing as one pleases; waywardness; unrestrained exercise of one's will; arbitrariness; autocratic; despotism; freedom; dissoluteness. a. wayward, self-willed; arbitrary; despotic; free, unrestricted; dissolute. ̃তন্ত্রী a. autocratic; arbitrary; despotic. n. an autocrat, a despot or an arbitrary ruler. ̃তান্ত্রিক same as ̃তন্ত্রী । ̃শাসন n. despotic or arbitrary government; autocracy; despotism, tyranny. স্বৈরাচারী, স্বৈরিতা n. waywardness; dissoluteness; despotism, tyranny. ̃তন্ত্র n. despotism, autocracy; (cp.) dictatorship. স্বৈরাচারী, স্বৈরী a. wayward; selfwilled; dissolute, wild; despotic, tyrannical. স্বৈরিণী a. fem. of স্বৈরী । n. fem. a wayward or profligate woman. 47)
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