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having দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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(p. 38) ̃śūnya having no essential core or useful substance; inane, empty, hollow; insincere (অন্তঃসারশূন্য কথা); worthless, useless. 45)
(p. 1) aṃśa a portion or part; a share; a region or locality (দেশের উত্তর অংশ = the northern region of the country); (astrol.) ⅓ of the zodiac; (geog.) &frac136; of earth's circumference; degree; concern, respect (কোনো অংশে মহত্ নয় = noble in no respect); divine incarnation (বিষ্ণুর অংশ = an incarnation of Vishnu). ̃ক n. (alg.) a mantissa. অংশ করা v. to divide into parts or shares; apportion (food, property, task etc.) among others. ̃গত a. included in a part or share; relating to part(s) or share(s). ̃গ্রাহী a. taking a share, participating. n. a sharer, a shareholder; a participant, a party. ̃ত adv. partly, in part; partially; to some extent. ̃ন n. dividing; sharing; apportionment, distribution. অংশনীয় a. divisible into parts or shares; to be divided into parts. ̃প্রেষ n. (sc.) partial pressure. ̃ভাক্, ̃ভাগী a. enjoying a share; having a claim to a share. n. a share, a shareholder; a claimant to a share; one who is responsible for a part, a partner. (কিছুতে) অংশ নেওয়া v. to take part (in), to participate (in). অংশাংশ n. fraction of fraction; minute fraction; tiny part; bit. 5)
(p. 1) aṃśu ray, a narrow beam of light (from a small or distant source). ̃ক n. fine cotton fabric; silk cloth. ̃মান, ̃মতী a. luminous; radiant. ̃মালা n. a stream of rays. ̃মালী n. the sun; the sun-god. ̃ল a. having rays; full of rays; radiant. 15)
(p. 1) akaca alopecoid; having no hair, bald, baldheaded. 18)
(p. 2) akarmā having no employment or occupation; grossly inefficient; idling. অকর্মার ধাড়ি an inveterate bungler, an arch-bungler, a muff; a good-for-nothing or worthless fellow; a great idler. 22)
(p. 2) akējō having no ability for any work; not in working order, unserviceable; useless. 71)
(p. 2) akṣata unhurt or unwounded; unimpaired; unblemished; unreserved. ̃দেহ, ̃শরীর a. of a person bearing no wound; unhurt or uninjured or unwounded. ̃যোনি a. fem. having had no experience of sexual union; possessing true virginity. 91)
(p. 2) akṣaẏa undecaying; inexhaustible; unfailing; imperishable: undying; endless. ̃কীর্তি n. undying or immortal fame. ̃তূণ n. a quiver having an inexhaustible stock of arrows. ̃তৃতীয়া n. the third day of the lunar waxing fortnight of the month of Baisakh (বৈশাখ). ̃বট n. any of the very old banyan trees found at different holy places of the Hindus; (fig.) an immortal or deathless person. ̃লোক n. the abode of the blessed; heaven. ̃স্বর্গ n. the right to dwell permanently in heaven. ̃স্বর্গবাস n. dwelling permanently in heaven. 94)
(p. 2) agatyā having no other course to follow or means to adopt; being compelled; perforce, of necessity, necessarily; as a necessary or unavoidable consequence. অগত্যা রাজি হওয়া to agree to follow or adopt a course as a last resort or having no alternative. 119)
(p. 7) agra the top, the summit; an apex; an end or extremity; the front; the front portion; the surface or the portion at the surface (দধির অগ্র); an aim, a purpose (একাগ্র). a. first, foremost, primary, leading; chief; anterior. ̃ক্রয়াধিকার n. the right of pre-emption. ̃গণ্য a. deserving first preference or consideration or mention; foremost; best; principal. ̃গতি, ̃গমন n. forward movement, advancement; progress, promotion, development, increase; (astr.) progressive motion, progression. ̃গামী a. moving forward or to the front; leading; progressive. fem. ̃গামিনী । ̃জ a. born earlier, senior in age, elder, older. n. the eldest or an elder brother. ̃জিহ্বা n. the uvula, the epiglottis. ̃জ্ঞান n. foreknowledge; anticipation. ̃ণী a. leading, chief, best. n. a leader; an inaugurator or initiator; a pioneer. ̃দত্ত n. imprest money. ̃দানী n. a Brahmin (ব্রাহ্মণ) who receives offerings on behalf of a dead person's soul and consequently is socially degraded. ̃দূত n. (mil.) a pioneer; an escort, a guide; a leader; (loos.) a forerunner, a precursor, a harbinger. ̃নেতা n. a leader; an army commander. ̃পশ্চাত্ adv. considering what is before and after; having foresight and hindsight; pro and con; comprehensively. ̃বর্তী a. situated in the front; leading; advanced. fem. ̃বর্তিনী । ভাগ n. the first part or share; top peak; an extremity or end. ̃মহিষী n. the queen-consort. ̃সর, ̃সার a. going first or commencing, leading; moving forward, advancing. ̃সরণ n. advancement. অগ্রসর হওয়া v. to move forward, to advance; to progress. ̃স্হ, ̃স্হিত a. situated in the front, on the top or at end, apical. 14)
(p. 7) aghara (of families) having no social dignity, unrespectable, base, lowly, unfit for matrimonial alliance.
(p. 9) aṅgī having a body or form, corporeal; whole; fitted with limbs. 23)
(p. 9) acchidra having no hole or opening; free from defect or loophole; perfect, flawless. 69)
(p. 9) acchōda having crystalline water ('অচ্ছোদ-সরসীনীরে'). n. a lake in the Himalayan region. ̃পটল n. the cornea. 73)
(p. 9) ajāta not yet born; unborn; existing without being born; (dial.) socially degraded, born illegitimately, bastard. ̃শত্রু a. one whose enemy is not yet born; having no enemy. ̃শ্মশ্রু a. one whose beard has not yet grown; beardless; (fig.) not yet grown to manhood; very young, minor. 92)
(p. 9) ajitēndriẏa (lit.) having no control over one's senses; of unbridled lust, lascivious. 99)
(p. 9) ajihba having no tongue, tongueless. n. a frog. 101)
(p. 9) ajña having no knowledge, unknowing, ignorant, uninformed; stupid; foolish; uneducated. ̃তা n. lack of knowledge, ignorance; stupidity; foolishness; want of education. ̃তামূলক, ̃তাপ্রসূত a. caused by ignorance; relating to ignorance. 110)
(p. 9) ajñāta unknown; unpublished, unrevealed; secret, hidden; obscure; mysterious. ̃কূলশীল a. one whose family and behaviour are unknown; of unknown identity. ̃নামা a. one whose name is not known; (of persons) not famous, obscure. ̃পরিচয় a. one whose identity is not known. ̃পূর্ব a. not known before; hitherto unknown. ̃বাস n. act or period of living incognito. ̃রাশি n. (math.) an unknown quantity. ̃সারে, অজ্ঞাতে adv. not to one's knowledge, unknowingly; secretly, stealthily. 111)
(p. 9) añjali palms of hands folded or cupped together; a present given (esp. to deities) with cupped palms; act of worshipping or serving ('দেবগণ যারে করেন অঞ্জলি'); the amount that may be held in cupped palms, a handful. অঞ্জলি দেওয়া v. to offer a present to a deity with folded palms. ̃পুট n. palms of hands cupped together. ̃বদ্ধ a. having palms of hands folded or cupped togehter. ̃বন্ধ n. act of folding or cupping the palms of hands. 120)
(p. 9) ati too; over; beyond; improperly; going beyond; excessively; beyond the compass or range (of), outside. a. very improper or unbecoming; excessive; excellent (অতি নাগর). n. an improper or excessive amount (কিছুরই অতি ভালো নয়) pfx. ex-, extra-, hyper-, out-, over-, super-, sur-, trans-, ultra-. ̃কথা n. exaggerated or useless talk; a myth. ̃কায় a. of immense size; gigantic. ̃কোমল a. too soft, too tender; very tender or soft. ̃চার n. quick passage (from one place to another); passage or forward movement of a planet from one zodiacal sign to another in a shorter period than usual. ̃চালাক a. over-clever, too clever by half; oversmart. ̃চালাকের গলায় দড়ি an over-clever person hangs himself; the fox must pay his skin to the furrier. ̃জন n. the majority. ̃তপ্ত a. superheated. ̃তর a. very much excessive. ̃দর্প n. excessive pride or vanity. ̃দর্পে হতা (বা হত) লন্কা (lit.) the fall of Lanka was caused by (King Ravana's) excessive vanity; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃নাটকীয় a. melodramatic; unnecessarily over-dramatic. ̃নাটকীয়তা n. melodrama. ̃দূর a. far-away; remote. n. a great distance. ̃দৈন্য n. utmost poverty. ̃নৈতিকতা n. puritanism, rigid adherence to moral principle or behaviour. ̃পাতক n. any of the most heinous sins, a deadly sin. ̃পাতকী n. a great sinner. ̃পান n. (habitual) overindulgence in intoxicating liquor, intemperance. ̃প্রজতা n. overpopulation. ̃প্রাকৃত a. supernatural; supernal. ̃বড় a. too big; too much. ̃বল a. extremely strong or mighty. ̃বাড় n. overgrowth; unnatural growth or development; excessive haughtiness or pride; extreme immoderation or excess. ̃বাড় বাড়া v. to grow extremely haughty or arrogant. অতিবাড় বেড়ো নাকো ঝড়ে প়ড়ে যাবে (lit.) don't grow too high lest a storm makes you tumble down; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃বাদ n. exaggeration. ̃বুদ্ধি same as অতিচালাক । ̃বৃদ্ধ a. very old; decrepit. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. overgrowth. ̃বৃষ্টি n. excessive or heavy rainfall. ̃বেগনি, ̃বেগুনি a. ultraviolet. ̃ব্যয় n. extravagance. ̃ব্যস্ত a. (usu. dero.) very busy; very anxious; fussy. ̃ভক্তি n. excessive devotion or reverence (usu. insincere). অতিভক্তি চোরের লক্ষণ too much courtesy, too much craft. ̃ভুজ a. (geom.) a hypotenuse. ̃ভোজন n. over-eating, surfeit; gluttony. অতিভোজন করা v. to overeat; to gourmandize, to gormandise. ̃ভোজী a. voracious, gourmand. n. a gourmand, a glutton. ̃মন্দা n. (comm.) slump. ̃মাত্র, ̃মাত্রায় adv. beyond measure; extremely. ̃মান n. excessive vanity. ̃মানব n. a great man or a man of exceptional uqalities and powers, a superman; a greatly wise man. ̃মানবিক, ̃মানুষিক a. superhuman; supernal; spiritual; divine. ̃রঞ্জন n. exaggeration. ̃রঞ্জিত a. exaggerated. ̃রথ n. a great warrior capable of fighting innumerable enemies simultaneously. ̃রাষ্ট্রিক a. extra-territorial. ̃লোভ n. too much greed, overgreediness. 145)
(p. 17) adūra not distant, not far; near, close, yonder. ̃দর্শিতা. n. absence or lack of foresight; imprudence. ̃দর্শী a. bereft of foresight; imprudent. fem. ̃দর্শিনী i ̃বর্তিতা n. state of being not at a distance; nearness, proximity. ̃বর্তী a. not in a distant position; proximate; near, yonder. fem. ̃বর্তিনী, ̃বদ্ধ a. having a short or limited range. ̃বদ্ধ দৃষ্টি. short-sightedness. ̃ভবিষ্যত্ n. near future. ̃স্হ same as ̃বর্তী । অদূরে adv. not far; near, close by. 31)
(p. 17) adbitīẏa having no second or parallel; absolute; matchless; singular, unique; supreme. 39)
(p. 17) adbaita (theo.) having no second or diversity, monistical; unitarian, nondual, absolute. n. Brahma (ব্রক্ষ্ম); God. ̃বাদ n. non-dualism, monism, monotheism, unitarianism. ̃বাদী n. a nondualist, a monist, a monotheist, a unitarian. 40)
(p. 17) adbaẏa Brahma (ব্রহ্ম); Buddha. a. having no second or parallel, absolute. ̃বাদ n. monism; Buddhism. ̃বাদী n. a monist; a Buddhist. a. monistic; Buddhistic. 38)
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