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eaten; দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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(p. 532) ̃dhātrī a progenitrix, a progenitress, a mother; a nurse-mother; a wet-nurse; a foster-mother; a midwife; a nurse; the Earth (esp. as conceived as mother of all created beings). a. fem. one who carries in the womb; one who bears. ̃পুত্র n. a son of a nurse-mother or wetnurse. ̃বিদ্যা n. midwifery. ধাত্রীবিদ্যা বিশারদ n. a midwife, a gynaecologist and obstetrician. 73)
(p. 2) akhadyē (coll.) not fit to be eaten; unfit for work, grossly inefficient; unserviceable. অখদ্যে-অবদ্যে a. good-for-nothing, worthless; trashy. 107)
(p. 2) akhādya not fit to be eaten; inedible; forbidden to be eaten; (of food) unwholesome; (facet.) worthless (অখাদ্য লোক). n. inedible or forbidden or unwholesome food. 110)
(p. 7) agni fire; the fire-god; digestive power; hunger; burning; affliction (শোকাগ্নি). ̃কণা n. a spark. ̃কর্তা n.& a. one who performs the rite of singeing the mouth of the deceased at cremation. ˜কর্ম n. the rite of agnihotra (অগ্নিহোত্র); cremation of the dead. ̃কল্প a. fire-like; fiery; extremely hot; extremely severe or violent; terribly angry, furious. ̃কাণ্ড n. a great fire, a conflagration. ̃কুণ্ডু n. a pit in which a fire is made or a pit full of fire, a firepit; a furnace. ̃কোণ n. the south-east. ̃ক্রিয়া same as ̃কর্ম । ̃গর্ভ a. impregnated with fire, containing fire; fiery; impetuous (অগ্নিগর্ভ বক্তৃতা). ̃চূর্ণ, ̃চূর্ণক n. gun-powder, explosive substance. ̃জিতা n. fem. a woman who has passed successfully through an ordeal by fire. ̃তপ্ত a. heated with fire; as hot as fire. ̃তুল্য a. fire-like; fiery; furious. ̃দগ্ধ a. burnt; consumed by fire. ̃দাতা n. & a. one who sets fire to anything; one who singes the mouth of the dead at cremation. fem. ̃দাত্রী । ̃দান n. act of setting fire to; act of singeing the mouth of the dead at cremation. ̃দাহ n. a conflagration, combustion, the heat of fire. ̃দাহ্য a. combustible. ̃দীপক a. causing or promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃দীপ্ত a. illuminated or brightened with fire. ̃দেব, ̃দেবতা n. the god of fire, the firegod. ̃পক্ক a. cooked with fire; hardened in fire (অগ্নিপক্ক ইট). ̃পরীক্ষা n. an ordeal by fire (esp. the one which Sita of the Ramayana passed through); (fig.) a crucial test, an extremely dangerous or unsafe test (cp. baptism of fire). ̃প্রবেশ n. act of mounting or falling on a burning pyre. ̃প্রভ a. glowing as fire. ̃প্রভা n. glow of fire. ̃প্রস্তর n. flint. ̃বর্ণ a. red as fire; crimson. ̃বর্ধক a. promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃বাণ n. a fire-emitting mythical arrow. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. promotion or stimulation of appetite or digestion. ̃বৃষ্টি n. a shower of fire (esp. from the sky, instead of rain); a spell of scorching heat; discharge or firing of gun. ̃মন্ত্র n. any formula of words or spell that makes one determined to achieve an extremely difficult or dangerous end; the doctrine of revolution or terrorism. ̃মন্ত্রে দীক্ষা initiation in the cult of armed agitation or revolution. ̃ময় a. full of fire. ̃মান্দ্য n. loss of appetite; indigestion. ̃মূর্তি a. extremely angry or haughty, furious. n. furious appearance or state. ̃মূল্য a. extremely costly; unpurchasably dear. ̃যুগ n. the age or times of revolution. ̃শর্মা a. extremely angry, furious, livid with rage. n. a furious person, a spitfire. ̃শিখা n. the flame of fire, the flame. ̃শুদ্ধ a. purified by burning in fire; sanctified by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃শুদ্ধি n. purification by burning in fire; sanctification by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃সংস্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সখ n. the wind. ̃সত্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সহ a. fire-proof. ̃সহ ইট fire-brick. ̃সহ মৃত্তিকা fire-clay. ̃সাত্ a. completely consumed by fire. ̃সেবন n. act of warming up oneself in the heat of fire. ̃স্ফুলিঙ্গ n. a spark. ̃হোত্র n. the Hindu rite of maintaining the sacred fire perpetually. ̃হোত্রী n. one who maintains the sacred fire perpetually and worships with it. 8)
(p. 9) aṅkita marked; drawn or painted; (geom.) plotted; bedecked, decorated; carved; delineated, described, portrayed (অঙ্কিত চরিত্র); imprinted (মানসপটে অঙ্কিত). অঙ্কিত করা v. to mark; to draw; to paint; (geom.) to plot; to bedeck, to decorate; to carve; to delineate, to describe, to portray; to imprint. 9)
(p. 9) acikitsita not treated medically. 55)
(p. 9) ajita unconquered, undefeated; unsubjugated. 98)
(p. 9) ati too; over; beyond; improperly; going beyond; excessively; beyond the compass or range (of), outside. a. very improper or unbecoming; excessive; excellent (অতি নাগর). n. an improper or excessive amount (কিছুরই অতি ভালো নয়) pfx. ex-, extra-, hyper-, out-, over-, super-, sur-, trans-, ultra-. ̃কথা n. exaggerated or useless talk; a myth. ̃কায় a. of immense size; gigantic. ̃কোমল a. too soft, too tender; very tender or soft. ̃চার n. quick passage (from one place to another); passage or forward movement of a planet from one zodiacal sign to another in a shorter period than usual. ̃চালাক a. over-clever, too clever by half; oversmart. ̃চালাকের গলায় দড়ি an over-clever person hangs himself; the fox must pay his skin to the furrier. ̃জন n. the majority. ̃তপ্ত a. superheated. ̃তর a. very much excessive. ̃দর্প n. excessive pride or vanity. ̃দর্পে হতা (বা হত) লন্কা (lit.) the fall of Lanka was caused by (King Ravana's) excessive vanity; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃নাটকীয় a. melodramatic; unnecessarily over-dramatic. ̃নাটকীয়তা n. melodrama. ̃দূর a. far-away; remote. n. a great distance. ̃দৈন্য n. utmost poverty. ̃নৈতিকতা n. puritanism, rigid adherence to moral principle or behaviour. ̃পাতক n. any of the most heinous sins, a deadly sin. ̃পাতকী n. a great sinner. ̃পান n. (habitual) overindulgence in intoxicating liquor, intemperance. ̃প্রজতা n. overpopulation. ̃প্রাকৃত a. supernatural; supernal. ̃বড় a. too big; too much. ̃বল a. extremely strong or mighty. ̃বাড় n. overgrowth; unnatural growth or development; excessive haughtiness or pride; extreme immoderation or excess. ̃বাড় বাড়া v. to grow extremely haughty or arrogant. অতিবাড় বেড়ো নাকো ঝড়ে প়ড়ে যাবে (lit.) don't grow too high lest a storm makes you tumble down; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃বাদ n. exaggeration. ̃বুদ্ধি same as অতিচালাক । ̃বৃদ্ধ a. very old; decrepit. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. overgrowth. ̃বৃষ্টি n. excessive or heavy rainfall. ̃বেগনি, ̃বেগুনি a. ultraviolet. ̃ব্যয় n. extravagance. ̃ব্যস্ত a. (usu. dero.) very busy; very anxious; fussy. ̃ভক্তি n. excessive devotion or reverence (usu. insincere). অতিভক্তি চোরের লক্ষণ too much courtesy, too much craft. ̃ভুজ a. (geom.) a hypotenuse. ̃ভোজন n. over-eating, surfeit; gluttony. অতিভোজন করা v. to overeat; to gourmandize, to gormandise. ̃ভোজী a. voracious, gourmand. n. a gourmand, a glutton. ̃মন্দা n. (comm.) slump. ̃মাত্র, ̃মাত্রায় adv. beyond measure; extremely. ̃মান n. excessive vanity. ̃মানব n. a great man or a man of exceptional uqalities and powers, a superman; a greatly wise man. ̃মানবিক, ̃মানুষিক a. superhuman; supernal; spiritual; divine. ̃রঞ্জন n. exaggeration. ̃রঞ্জিত a. exaggerated. ̃রথ n. a great warrior capable of fighting innumerable enemies simultaneously. ̃রাষ্ট্রিক a. extra-territorial. ̃লোভ n. too much greed, overgreediness. 145)
(p. 17) atyuṣṇa very hot, too hot; excessively heated. 7)
(p. 17) adamita unresisted; unrepressed; undefeated; unsubdued. 22)
(p. 17) adhḥ down, below, beneath, under; in or to the underworld. ̃কৃত. a. cast or thrown downwards; felled; vanquished, defeated; lowered. ̃ক্রম n. descending order. ̃ক্ষিপ্ত thrown down, cast or hurled down. ̃পতন, ̃পাত, n. falling down; downfall; degradation; degeneration; moral downfall; abandoned state. ̃পতিত a. fallen down; downfallen; degraded; degenerated; morally degenerate, abandoned. অধঃপাতে যাওয়া v. to be ruined morally or otherwise, to go to the dogs, to reach a state of ruin. ̃স্হ a. lying or situated or placed under; lower; subordinate. 49)
(p. 17) adhi used in the senses of above, on, over, upon, higher, greater, more, superior, ruling, dominating, etc. over-, super-, sur-, ad-, etc. 60)
(p. 17) adhikāṃśa almost all, most; greater number or portion of. অধিকাংশ ক্ষেত্রে বা স্হলে in most cases, mostly. 67)
(p. 20) adhirūḍh় mounted, seated upon; riding on; ascended. অধিরূঢ় হওয়া v. to mount; to sit upon; to ride; to ascend. 40)
(p. 20) adhiṣṭhita dwelling or living or staying; existent; present; settled; seated; present to guide and control; situated; holding (an office or a post); possessing, occupying; dwelt, inhabited; possessed, occupied. অধিষ্ঠিত হওয়া v. to live or dwell (in), to inhabit; to exist (in); to be present (in); to appear (in); to be present (in) to guide and control; to be seated or placed (in or upon); to be situated (in); to be established (in an office or a post); to be in possession or occupation of; (psy.) to inhere. 47)
অধ্যাসিত, অধ্যাসীন
(p. 22) adhyāsita, adhyāsīna placed or seated upon or over; mounted; in possession of; (of deities) present invisibly. 26)
অধ্যাস২, অধ্যাসন
(p. 22) adhyāsa2, adhyāsana placed or seated upon or over; sitting; being seated; domination; (of deities) invisible presence. 25)
অনতিক্রম, অনতিক্রমণ
(p. 22) anatikrama, anatikramaṇa not passing beyond or over; not crossing; not transgressing or infringing or violating. অনতিক্রমণীয়, অনতিক্রম্য a. incapable of being passed beyond or over; incapable of being crossed; impassable; inviolable; incapable of being overcome (অনতিক্রম্য বাধা); insuperable. অনতিক্রান্ত a. that has not been passed beyond or over; not crossed; not transgressed or violated or infringed; not overcome; not surmounted; unbeaten. 45)
(p. 22) anadhiṣṭhita not placed upon or over; not present, absent, inexistent; not established (in a place etc.); not appointed (to a post, office etc.); not seated upon or over.
(p. 26) anādara lack of cordiality or care or attention; neglect; slight; disrespect. অনাদর করা v. to treat with neglect or disrespect. অনাদরণীয় a. unworthy of being treated with cordiality or care or attention. 46)
(p. 26) anāsṛṣṭi outside the created world, unnatural; disorderly; queer, strange, bizarre. n. such a thing or incident or state. 85)
(p. 30) anunēẏa worthy of being entreated; worthy of being the subject of solicitation, worth imploring or beseeching or supplicating. 87)
(p. 30) anunaẏa entreaty, earnest request, solicitation; beseeching. অনুনয় করা v. to entreat, to request earnestly, to solicit, to beseech, to implore. ̃-বিনয় n. humble (and repeated) entreaties, importunate solicitation. অনুনয়-বিনয় করা v. to entreat humbly (and repeatedly), to solicit importunately, to supplicate. অনুনয়ী a. suppliant; entreating, requesting earnestly, solicitious, beseeching, imploring. 84)
(p. 34) anubāda translation; interpretation; traduction. অনুবাদক n. a translator; one who speaks of or narates a thing repeatedly; an imitator; a traducer, a scandal-monger. অনুবাদিত inc. var. of অনূদিত । অনুবাদী a. translating; (given to) telling or narrating a thing repeatedly; (given to) imitating, imitative; (given to) traducing; corresponding, similar; (mus. of a note) having no direct or essential connection with the chief note (i.e. বাদী) or its essentially subsidiary parts (i.e. সংবাদী and বিবাদী) of a musical composition. 13)
(p. 36) anulāpa telling repeatedly; repeated recitation; tautology. 18)
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