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abominable দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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(p. 9) aghōra2 not terrible; calm. n. God Shiva (শিব). ̃পন্হী n. one of a religious community practsing dreadful and abominable rites. ̃মন্ত্র n. incantation to invoke Shiva. 4)
(p. 17) adhama lowest; inferior; vile; mean; despicable, abominable, hateful; insignificant; worthless (অধম ভক্ত). অধমর্ণ n. a debtor. অধমাঙ্গ n. the part of the body from the waist downwards; (usu.) the foot or the leg. অধমাধম a. worse than the worst; vilest of the vile; most insignificant or worthless. 50)
(p. 26) anācāra unscriptural or unholy practice; uncultured or indecent practice; an immoral or abominable practice. অনাচারী a. abandoned; given to unscriptural or indecent or abominable practice. n. such a man. 40)
(p. 83) aślīla obscene; abominable; indecent; lascivious, wanton, অশ্লীল বাক্য obscene or filthy words or talk; bawdy talk. অশ্লীল সাহিত্য obscene or blue literature, pornography. ̃তা n. obscenity; abomination; indecency; lasciviousness, wantonness. ̃ভাষী a. & n. one who indulges in obscene or bawdy talk. 15)
(p. 90) aspṛśya that should not be touched; untouchable; profane, unclean; abominable; dirty; intangible. ̃তা n. untouchability; dirtiness; profanity; abominableness; intangibility. 67)
(p. 194) kadanna bad food; abominable food; food unfit for human consumption. 95)
(p. 194) kadarya extremely ugly; detestable; abominable, hateful; base; miserly, niggardly. ̃তা n. extreme ugliness; detestableness, abomination, hatefulness; baseness; miserliness, niggardliness. 102)
কদাচার, কদাচরণ
(p. 194) kadācāra, kadācaraṇa an abominable habit or practice; malpractice. a. given to abominable or loathsome habits or practice. কদাচারী same as কদাচার (a.). 106)
(p. 239) kucaryā abominable behaviour; an evil practice; an evil custom. 10)
(p. 240) kutsita ugly; ill-shaped; abominable, hateful; nasty (কুত্সিত ব্যবহার); indecent; obscene; filthy, gross. 39)
(p. 240) kudṛśya an ugly or indecent or hateful or abominable sight, a repulsive spectacle. 45)
(p. 296) gandhī (chiefly used as a sfx.) having a specific scent, scented. n. a dealer in spices (by caste); a kind of beetle with an abominable odour or offensive smell, a flying bug. 38)
(p. 301) garhita utterly condemned or censured; abominable, detestable; vile. গর্হিত কাজ an atrocious or odious or heinous act. 19)
(p. 301) galija extremely dirty or filthy; full of stench; rotten; decomposed; abominable (গলিজ ব্যাপার). 34)
(p. 308) gu faeces, ordure, stool; dung, droppings. ̃খোরি, ̃খুরি n. an abominable deed; an inexcusable folly; a glaring or gross mistake, a blunder. 64)
(p. 386) jaghanya abominable, hateful, detestable; repugnant; filthy; hated; vile; base, mean; contemptible. ̃তা n. abomination, hatefulness, detestation; repugnance; filthiness; vileness, baseness, meanness; contemptibility. ̃বৃত্তি n. hateful or loathsome or odious pursuit. 5)
(p. 506) durācāra wicked; depraved; sinful; indulging in nasty or foul or abominable practices. n. wickedness; depravity; sinfulness; a nasty or abominable practice. a. fem. দুরাচারিণী । 21)
(p. 550) nacchāra abominable, hateful; wicked; nefarious; depraved; (in endearment or mild imprecations) naughty. n. such a person. 25)
(p. 555) naraka hell, inferno; pandemonium; (fig.) an abominable place, a hellish or infernal place; a mythological asura (অসুর). নরক গুলজার (lit. & fig.) the whole of pandemonium is here! নরক গুলজার করা v. to assemble in a group somewhere and make the place warm and noisy with wild talk and tattle. ˜কুন্ড n. a pit or well in hell (full of fire or abominable filth) into which sinners are put or thrown for punishment; a hell-pit; (fig.) a vicious or abominable or filthy or extremely disorderly place. ̃গামী a. condemned to hell, damned. ̃বাস, ̃ভোগ, ̃যন্ত্রণা n. condemnation to hell, damnation, perdition; (fig.) extreme suffering. ̃স্হ a. condemned to hell, damned. 62)
(p. 555) nara2 a human being, man; a male person, a male. a. (chiefly in comp.) male (নরহরিণ). fem. see নারী ̃কঙ্কাল n. a human skeleton. ̃কপাল n. a dead person's skull. ̃কেশরী n. a lionamongst men; a man of great prowess. ̃খাদক a. man-eating, eating human flesh. n. a man-eater; a cannibal. ̃ঘাতক n. a homicide. a. homicidal. ̃ঘাতী a. homicidal. ̃ত্ব n. manhood, humanity; virility. ̃ত্বারোপ n. anthropomorphism. নারায়ণ n. the two great mythological sages: Nara নর and Narayana (নারায়ণ) who were born as Arjuna (অর্জুন) and Krishna (কৃষ্ণ) of the Mahabharata. ̃নারী n. men and women. ̃পতি n. a king. ̃পশু n. a beast of a man, a brute. ̃পাল n. a king. ̃পিশাচ n. a man with instincts as abominable as those of necrophagous goblins. ̃পুঙ্গব n. (fig.) a great man; (lit.) a bull of a man. ̃বর n. the best man; a great man. ̃বলি n. immolation of human beings; human sacrifice. ̃ব্যাঘ্র same as নরশর্দূল । ̃ভুক a. anthropophagous, feeding on human flesh, man-eating. নরভুক প্রাণী an anthropophagite, a man-eater. ̃ভুক মানুষ a cannibal. ̃মাংস n. human flesh (esp. when eaten). ̃মাংসভোজন n. cannibalism. ̃মাংসভোজী a. cannibalistic. n. a cannibal. ̃মালিনী n. a woman wearing a necklace or garland of human skulls; an appellation of goddess Kali (কালী). ̃মেধ same as নরবলি । ̃রূপী a. having the form or shape of a human being, man-shaped. ̃রূপে adv. in the form or shape of a human being. ̃লীলা n. activities (of a god) in a human existence or incarnation. নরলীলা সংবরণ করা v. (joc. or for.) to die. ̃লোক n. the abode of human beings or mortals, the world, the earth. ̃শার্দূল n. a tiger of a man; (fig.) a man of great prowess. ̃শ্রেষ্ঠ n. the greatest or best amongst men. ̃সিংহ n. (lit.) a lion of a man; (fig.) a great or valiant man; (myth.) same as নৃসিংহ । ̃সুন্দর n. a barber; (cp.) a coiffeur (fem. coiffeuse). ̃হত্যা n. homicide, murder. নরহত্যা করা v. to commit a murder or homicide, to murder. ̃হত্যাকারী same as নরহন্তা । ̃হত্যাঘটিত a. homicidal. ̃হন্তা n. a homicide, a murderer. fem. ̃হন্ত্রী a murderess. ̃হরি same as নৃসিংহ । 61)
(p. 593) nōṃrā dirty, filthy, foul; despicable, hateful, abominable; impure, unclean, unholy; base, mean, vile (নোংরা মন, নোংরা মতলব); indecent or obscene (নোংরা ভাষা, নোংরা গল্প). n. dirt, filth, refuse. ̃মি, ̃মো n. dirtiness, filthiness, foulness; baseness, meanness, vileness; indecency or obscenity; indulgence in dirtiness or meanness or vileness or indecency or obscenity. 113)
(p. 593) nyakkāra vomiting, retching; nausea; disgust; abhorrence. ̃জনক a. nauseating; disgusting; loathsome, abhorrent, abominable. 129)
(p. 650) pitta bile, gall. পিত্ত পড়া v. to lose appetite because of abstinence from food when hungry. পিত্ত জ্বালা v. to have one's ill-humour roused, to burn or boil with indignation, to get cross or peered. ̃কোষ n. the gall-bladder. ̃ঘ্ন a. antibilious. ̃জ্বর n. bilious fever. ̃নাশ n. abominable perversion or corruption (from the fact that a fish tastes bitter if its gallbladder is burst open and its body smeared with bile). ̃নালি n. biliary ducts. ̃নাশক a. antibilious. ̃পাথর, ̃পাথুরি n. gall stone, biliary stone. ̃বিকার n. (med.) biliary or bilious trouble or disorder. ̃রক্ত n. plethora. ̃রক্ষা n. appeasement of hunger by taking a small quantity of food; (sarcas.) a mere show of gratification. পিত্তরক্ষা করা v. to appease one's hunger by taking a small quantity of food; (sarcas.) to make one content or be content with a mere show of fulfilment of one's desire. ̃শূল n. biliary colic. 8)
(p. 652) piśāca a necrophagous evil spirit, a ghoul; (fig.) a man of vile or cruel or nauseating or abominable nature. fem. পিশাচী, (inc.) পিশাচিনী । ̃তত্ত্ব n. demonology. ̃সিদ্ধ a. one who has made a ghoul one's slave by means of rigorous ascetic practices. fem. ̃সিদ্ধা । 4)
(p. 751) bigarhita abominable, detestable; forbidden (শাস্ত্রবিগর্হিত); disgraceful. 46)
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