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(rhet) দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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(p. 9) atiśaẏa too many or too much; great, excessive (অতিশয় তাপ); large (অতিশয় ভিড়). adv. very; exceedingly, excessively. অতিশয়োক্তি n. (rhet.) a figure of speech, hyperbole; exaggeration.
(p. 17) adbhuta strange, queer, quaint, odd; uncouth; extraordinary; astonishing. n. (rhet.) a description that strikes the reader with its extraordinary strangeness or queerness (also অদ্ভুতরস). ̃কর্মা a. endowed with extraordinary capabilities; one who is capable of performing miraculous deeds. ̃দর্শন a. odd-looking. 41)
(p. 22) adhyārōpa (rhet.) transference of epithet; (phil.) imaginary ascription of foreign qualities to a person of a thing; illusion. 23)
(p. 34) anuprāsa (rhet.) an alliteration. 5)
(p. 34) anubhāba influence, governing power; unction; feeling of happiness; (rhet.) physical expression of permanent emotions (such as, tears, frowning, sighs, goose-flesh etc.). 24)
(p. 34) anumāna supposition; guessing, conjecture; a guess, a hypothesis; deduction; (log.) inference; (geom.) a corollary; (rhet.) a Sanskrit figure based on guessing akin to prosopopoeia or vision. অনুমান করা v. to suppose; to guess; to conjecture; to deduce; (log.) to infer. 32)
অপহ্নব, অপহ্নুতি
(p. 48) apahnaba, apahnuti concealment (of truth); denial; theft; (rhet.) a figure of speech in which the object of comparison is concealed under the analogy ('এ তো মালা নয় গো, এ যে তোমার তরবারি'). 26)
(p. 51) aprastuta not made or prepared; unready, unprepared; embarrassed, out of countenance; inexistent, absent; not related to the subject-matter, irrelevant (অপ্রস্তুত বিষয়ের বর্ণনা) অপ্রস্তুত প্রশংসা n. (rhet.) allegory. অপ্রস্তুত হওয়া v. to become embarrassed, to be disconcerted; to be put out of countenance. অপ্রস্তুতি n. lack of preparation or readiness. 44)
(p. 72) amla the sour taste; anything tasting sour; (path.) acidity caused by indigestion, waterbrash, heart-burn; (chem.) an acid. a. sour. ̃তা n. acidity; sourness. ̃পিত্ত n. acidity caused by biliary disturbance, acidity of the stomach, acidosis. ̃ফল, ̃বীজ n. the tamarind. ̃মধুর a. possessing a mixed taste of sour and sweet; (rhet. of words) sweet but acid and biting, sweet sounding but caustic. ̃মতি n. acidimetry. ̃রস n. the sour taste. 27)
(p. 75) arthāntara difference in interpretation; a different interpretation; another or a different meaning or significance. ̃ন্যাস n. (rhet.) a figure of speech which corroborates the general by the particular or the particular by the general or the cause by the effect or the effect by the cause, corroboration. 34)
(p. 75) arthāpatti (log.) a circumstantial source of proof, a kind of inference; presumption; (rhet.) a figure of speech akin to metonymy. 35)
(p. 107) ādi beginning; origin; source; birth. a. first; original, fundamental, primary. in comp. (used as a sfx.) and the like, et cetera (সুখদুঃখাদি). ̃কবি n. the first poet; Valmiki. ̃কলা n. the fundamental tissue. ̃কলাতন্ত্র n. the fundamental tissue system. ̃কাব্য n. the first epic. ̃কারণ n. the first cause; the Supreme Being; the fundamental cause; the primary cause. ̃কাল n. ancient times. ̃কোষ n. embryonic cell. ̃দেব n. the Supreme Being; any one of the three principal Hindu gods: Brahma (ব্রহ্মা,), Vishnu (বিষ়্ণু) and Maheswara (মহেশ্বর). ̃নাথ n. the Supreme Being; Shiva (শিব). ̃পুরুষ n. the first progenitor or ancestor of a clan or family. ̃বাসী n. the aborigines. ̃বৃত্ত n. equinoctial colure. ̃ভূত a. born or created first, primordial; primary (আদিভূত কারণ). fem. আদিভূতা । ̃রস n. (rhet.) the emotion of love; sex-passion; eroticism. ̃রূপ n. a prototype, an archetype. 66)
(p. 126) ālamba a support, a prop; a shelter; (mech.) fulcrum. ̃ন n. a prop, a shelter; (rhet.) the person that is the object of a sentiment. আলম্বিত a. held; propped, supported; suspended, hung. আলম্বী a. supported; sheltered; hanging, pendant. 44)
(p. 143) ujjbala illuminated; bright; luminous; lustrous; radiant; splendent; resplendent; splendorous; splendid; shining; dazzling; beautiful; glorious; vivid. উজ্জ্বল করা v. to illuminate, to illumine; to brighten; to glorify (মুখ উজ্জ্বল করা, বংশ উজ্জ্বল করা); to make vivid, to vivify. উজ্জ্বল হওয়া v. to become illuminated; to brighten (up); to become glorified; to become vivid. উজ্জ্বল রস (rhet.) effect (on the reader's mind) produced by the (final) union of lovers. উজ্জ্বলতা n. brightness; luminousness; lustre; radiance; splendour; shine; dazzle; beauty; glory; vividness. উজ্জ্বল শ্যামবর্ণ a. of a complexion more fair than dark, of a glossy light dark complexion. উজ্জ্বলিত a. illuminated; lighted, enkindled; shining; brightened; radiated; beautified; glorified; vivified. উজ্জ্বলীকরণ n. illumination; act of brightening (up); glorification. উজ্জ্বলীভবন n. act of becoming illuminated or brightened (up) or glorified or vivid. 71)
(p. 150) utprēkṣā (rhet.) a figure of speech akin to simile and sustained metaphor in which it seems as if one thing has been transposed to another, a comparison introduced by 'as if', 'as though' etc.; guess, surmise; supposition; doubt. 19)
(p. 162) upacarita (esp. of deities) entertained with offerings or presents; worshipped or served; (rhet.) metaphorically signified. 12)
(p. 165) upamā likeness, similarity, comparison, equal (উপমা দেওয়া, উপমা নেই); (rhet.) a simile. উপমা দেওয়া v. to liken, to compare. ̃রহিত a. having no equal or parallel; without comparison; unparalleled. 5)
(p. 165) upalakṣaṇā (rhet.) a figure of speech akin to metonymy or synecdoche. 37)
(p. 168) ullēkha mention; reference; (rhet;) allsion. উল্লেখ করা v. to mention; to refer to; to allude to. ̃ন a. act of mentioning; act of referring to or alluding to. ̃নীয়, উল্লেখ্য a. mentionable, worth mention; that which is to be mentioned. ̃যোগ্য n. mentionable, worth mention. উল্লোল n. a billow; a breaker. a. dangling. 120)
(p. 188) ōjḥ vigour, strength; lustre; (rhet.) ornateness and vigour of style. 21)
(p. 188) ōjasbī strong; vigorous; (rhet.) ornate and vigorous. fem. ওজস্বিনী । ওজস্বিতা n. strength; vigour; (rhet.) ornateness and vigour of style.
(p. 189) ōjōguṇa (rhet.) ornateness and vigour of style. 2)
(p. 217) kāku2 voice turned hoarse; supplication; regret; request; solicitation; (rhet.) a figure of speech depending on the tone of voice akin to erotesis; emphasis of tone. 23)
(p. 217) kākūkti anything said in supplication; (rhet.) a figure of speech depending on the tone of voice akin to erotesis. 27)
(p. 248) kūṭa shrewd, subtle (কূটবুদ্ধি); complicated, intricate (কূটপ্রশ্ন); tricky, deceptive (কূটচাল); false, fabricated (কূটসাক্ষ্য); cooked up, got-up, framed up (কূট মোকদ্দমা); crooked (কূটচরিত্র); diplomatic, politic (কূটনীতি). n. an incomprehensible or unexpoundable couplet or saying (ব্যাসকূট); a mountainpeak (চিত্রকূট); the top of anything (প্রাসাদকূট); a heap (অন্নকূট); a trap; a trick; (rhet.) a paradox. ̃চাল n. obstacles and hindrances; intricacies; useless arguments; sophistry. ̃কচালে a. intricate; incomprehensible; full of obstacles and hindrances; given to useless arguments or sophistry. ̃কর্ম n. forgery; swindling; fraud. ̃কৌশল n. shrewd tricky or crafty policy; tricky or shrewd contrivance or device. ̃ঘাত n. sabotage. ̃ঘাতী a. pertaining to or of the nature of sabotage. n. a saboteur. ̃জ n. a medicinal plant usu. grown on hillsides. ̃তর্ক n. scholastic but useless arguments, sophistry. ̃তার্কিক n. one given to sophistry, a sophist. ̃তুলা n. a false scale or balance (esp. made to deceive buyers). ̃নীতি n. diplomacy; shrewd politics; shrewdness; politics. ̃নীতিক a. diplomatic; shrewd; political. n. a diplomat. ̃নীতিজ্ঞ a. shrewd; versed in diplomacy. n. a diplomat. ̃নৈতিক same as কূটনীতিক । ̃প্রশ্ন n. an intricate question, a poser; a riddle, a puzzle. ̃বন্ধ n. a trap, a snare. ̃বুদ্ধি a. crooked, wily, guileful, crafty. n. crookedness, wile, guile, craftiness. ̃ভাষী a. given to speaking in riddles; given to lying. ̃যন্ত্র n. a trapping device, a trap. ̃যুদ্ধ n. a diplomatic fight, manoeuvring and counter-manoeuvring in diplomacy. ̃সাক্ষী n. a false witness; a tutored or got-up witness. ̃সাক্ষ্য n. false evidence, perjury. ̃স্হ a. (phil.) eternally uniform or unchanging (যেমন- ঈশ্বর, আকাশ); occult, latent (কূটস্হ চৈতন্য). কূটাভাস n. (rhet.) a paradox. কূটার্থ n. far-fetched meaning; an implied or implicit meaning, implication; a distorted meaning. 26)
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